Search Wizards has always been a great partner to work with. They try and find the solution to the problem and truly partner with their clients to find the best candidates. I have had nothing but positive experiences working with Miranda and her team.

Josh M., VMS Partner

I’ve worked for only two consulting firms in my twenty-year career, but Search Wizards was by far the best experience yet. I landed a unique role based on an excellent relationship they had with this client. I recently accepted a full time offer and would recommend this firm to anyone interested in contract recruitment.

Corrie W.

In my experience, external sourcing providers frequently just throw bodies and hours at staffing challenges – this makes people feel good, but rarely solves the problem. Search Wizards not only provided us with a truly world-class expert who understood the functional space, but their targeted efforts helped achieve a critical business milestone ahead of schedule.

Michael K., Vice President, Talent Acquisition

I cannot tell you how much you, Talise, and Search Wizards have propelled my career in the direction needed. Thank you for your partnership, and I look forward to growing it over the upcoming years, ideally.

Elyse A.

I have completed several contract recruiting and staffing consulting engagements over the past 15 years with emerging startups to Fortune 100 companies. As a result, I have needed to contract through five or six 3rd party providers as part of the engagements. I recently completed a short term engagement with Microsoft helping them with a Cloud Storage Data Center recruiting project in the U.S. Microsoft worked with Search Wizards Inc. for my project. Search Wizards was the best 3rd party I have worked with. I could not have been more impressed. Their level of customer service for the contract recruiter from onboarding, compensation, pay, benefits, equipment, system access, end of project wrap up, etc…was incredible. I highly recommend them to contract recruiters to partner with as well as companies that need to bring on contract recruiters as part of their talent strategy. They are tapped into the best contract recruiting talent I have seen in the U.S.

Brian O.

I have used Search Wizards for several years and have had great experiences with Leslie O’Connor and team. The entire process has always been extremely smooth and done with great professionalism. I know that if I need supplemental recruiting talent for my team, Search Wizards will be very quick to provide me qualified candidates that are recruiting professionals. I have worked with several other companies that are in the business of providing recruiting resource assistance and none can compare to Search Wizards experience.

Randall H., Staffing Manager

Search Wizards has been an invaluable partner in scaling our hiring rate by 300% within a six-month period. The quality of the team members and Leslie’s immediate responsiveness to needs on our account were the reasons we were successful in reaching our hiring targets. Search Wizards is an outstanding and highly valued team to both our recruiting organization and the clients we support, I wouldn’t want to be in business without them.

Shannon B., Staffing Manager, US Enterprise Services

Leslie and her team of “Search Wizards” have been supporting my portion of Microsoft’s recruiting business since the early 2006 timeframe. On the front end of the process, she has done an exceptional job in finding vendor recruiters who have excellent backgrounds and can come in and make a quick impact at Microsoft. Leslie is well connected and highly respected in the recruiting community, and as a vendor manager, she is an extraordinary multitasker who always acts with a sense of urgency in tackling any issues that arise.

Lisa B., Manager, Central Sourcing

I have used Search Wizards on multiple occasions to assist me in peak recruiting needs. Leslie and her team have delivered each time with outstanding results. Search Wizards has a stable of top recruiting talent and the oversight of one of the best recruiters I have seen in my nearly two decades in the business.

Danny T., Senior Corporate Recruiter

I have been working with Leslie and Search Wizards for the last four years both at Microsoft Corp and now Deloitte Services LP, and I can comfortably say they consistently produce high levels of recruiting services to help me augment my sourcing strategies at very competitive market rates.

Rob M., National Sourcing Lead