I have completed several contract recruiting and staffing consulting engagements over the past 15 years with emerging startups to Fortune 100 companies. As a result, I have needed to contract through five or six 3rd party providers as part of the engagements. I recently completed a short-term engagement with Microsoft helping them with a Cloud Storage Data Center recruiting project in the U.S. Microsoft worked with Search Wizards Inc. for my project. Search Wizards was the best 3rd party I have worked with. I could not have been more impressed. Their level of customer service for the contract recruiter from onboarding, compensation, pay, benefits, equipment, system access, end of project wrap up, etc. was incredible. I highly recommend them to contract recruiters to partner with as well as companies that need to bring on contract recruiters as part of their talent strategy. They are tapped into the best contract recruiting talent I have seen in the U.S.