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  • The Best Social Media Platforms for Your Recruitment Strategy

    Should social media be in your recruitment marketing wheelhouse? Absolutely. But you already know that, right? People spend an average of two hours and 24 minutes a day on eight different social networks, so yeah, when you want candidates to see your job postings, you’re setting yourself up for failure if you’re not using various social platforms to your advantage. The question is: Which ones work best as you meet …Read More »
  • 4 Ways to Make Your Recruiting Process a More Personalized Experience

    Today’s job seekers want personalized interaction throughout a company’s hiring process. And in the current candidate-driven market, they’re in a position to demand it. Not only that, but candidates are likely to share their hiring experiences with friends, family and colleagues, as well as online. If an experience is less than stellar, this can hurt a company on two levels: they not only lose one potential great hire, but they …Read More »
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