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  • Don’t Settle for Less: 3 Tips for Negotiating a Salary and Benefits

    When you get a job offer, your eyes will automatically zero in on the compensation and benefits package attached to it. And even if it makes you do a happy dance, know that you can probably get more. This doesn’t mean you’re greedy, delusional or narcissistic in any way … in fact, employers expect negotiation to happen. They weren’t born yesterday. Here’s another tidbit to consider if the idea of …Read More »
  • The Dog Days of Summer: 5 Ways to Keep Your Employees Motivated

    Keeping employee motivation high during the summer months can be challenging, especially if your location is one where winters are long and that long-awaited time between June and September is sacred. But even in year-round warm weather climes, one’s mood just naturally shifts starting right around Memorial Day …employees begin to mentally check out and daydream about being elsewhere. I’d rather be at work, said no one ever during these …Read More »
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