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You are more than a resume! Let your talents, personality, and potential do the talking with the help of our Wizard Recruiters. They are here to be your advocate and coach as you apply for the opportunities that interest you.


At Search Wizards, our Talent is Curating Yours! We offer a diverse line of services that gives our clients control over transforming every aspect of their business by getting the right talent in place on time.


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  • How to Establish a Positive Work/Life Balance

    Work/life balance has always been a tricky tightrope to walk. If you go into the office every day, you’re challenged with leaving at a reasonable time, beating the traffic home, and reversing your mindset as you do so. If you work remotely, work/life balance poses unique challenges of its own; namely, how do you stop working and settle back into your personal life when you don’t physically go to work? …Read More »
  • How to Research a Company to Prepare for an Interview

    Being ready to ace a job interview takes some advance prep, including anticipating and practicing responses to questions that may be asked. Merely coming up with canned responses that could apply to virtually any company and/or interviewers is a good start - it scores about a C or C+ on the “I am ready to nail this thing” scale. But to earn a solid A or better, drill down further …Read More »
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