We introduce great recruiters to outstanding companies.



We want to do more than just find you a job – we want to be your long-term partner to assist in building your career and your future.


We create best-in-class talent solutions by providing you with the recruiting and sourcing talent that you need to meet your ever-changing hiring demands – when you need it, for as long as you need it.


I have used Search Wizards for several years and have had great experiences with Leslie O’Connor and team. The entire process has always been extremely smooth and done with great professionalism. I know that if I need supplemental recruiting talent for my team, Search Wizards will be very quick to … Read More

Randall H., Staffing Manager

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  • 8 Questions You Should Be Asking Your Recruiter

    When a recruiter at a staffing agency is trying to connect you with a project, you want to make sure you’re asking the right questions to determine if it is the best role for you. If it is your first time working directly with a staffing agency to identify your next position, you might be unsure of the right questions to ask him or her. If this is you, wonder …Read More »
  • The Benefits of Becoming a Contract Worker 3/3: The Money!

    The idea of becoming a contract worker may have crossed your mind once or twice. You’ve seen others in your field do it and find success, yet something still holds you back. Moving from full-time to contract work can be a change, but it’s not one without rewards. We have reviewed a few benefits in prior posts(Stepping Stone Into An Outstanding Company & Flexibility), but consider one of the best …Read More »
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