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  • 3 Things Recruiters Should Do to Boost Diversity and Inclusion

    There are numerous studies out there showing that diversity and inclusion in the workplace drive real progress. Not surprisingly, having different perspectives and backgrounds on a team leads to more and newer ideas to help solve problems and drive innovation.  Along with a spectrum of other compelling statistics, the McKinsey report Diversity Wins: How Inclusion Matters revealed that companies in the top quartile for gender diversity on their executive teams were 25 …Read More »
  • Dust Off the Cobwebs! What Should You Be Leaving Off Your Resume?

    Space is at a premium on your resume – and longer does not equal better. In fact, in most cases, the opposite is true. Every word should matter when it comes to the job you're applying for.  If you're not convinced, consider this reality: On average, employers initially scan a candidate's resume for only six to seven seconds. So, you'd best make every word count, unless you want yours to wind up in the dreaded …Read More »
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