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Welcome to the Team – Kelly Howard

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Please join us in welcoming Ms. Kelly Howard to the Search Wizards family.

Kelly is the newest addition to our internal Recruiting team. She is up for the challenge of identifying and engaging outstanding sourcing and recruiting talent to align with nationwide client assignments (R4R).

Kelly lives in beautiful Spokane, Washington. She started her recruiting career right out of college working for a Seattle based agency, focused on technical placements for local Fortune 500 companies. During the course of her career she has had the opportunity to branch out into recruiting for a broad range of skill sets, to include: IT, accounting/finance, engineering, and talent acquisition.

And when she’s not recruiting:

“In my free time, I love going up to the lake cabin to hang out with my family and friends on the boat. Another hobby I found I really enjoy is wine tasting!”

If you would like to welcome Kelly or learn more about the opportunities that Kelly is currently focused on, please send her an email at

Please feel free to connect with her on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook as well.

Welcome to the #searchwizardslife Kelly!



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