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Fall Sourcecon 2017

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Search Wizards is headed to Sourcecon – Austin, TX September 25 – 27, 2017

The team at Search Wizards is very excited to head to Texas to mingle with both familiar and new faces and celebrate the 10th anniversary of Sourcecon, September 25-27, 2017. We fondly recall when it all began and couldn’t be more thrilled to see how this event has evolved over the years.

lt is difficult to list just one thing we look forward to most, but if forced to choose, it would be the people. As intended, Sourcecon has created a family within our industry, and to us, these events tend to feel more like a big family reunion, each year offering the opportunity to reconnect as well as meet the newest members. In attendance from the team at Search Wizards will be returning attendees, Leslie O’Connor and Miranda Hinshaw. More importantly, we are thrilled to bring two of our internal Recruiters, Melinda Wheeley and Brooke Wheeler to their first ever Sourcecon Conference and introduce them to the family.

Our team anticipates the content of the presentations to be both mind blowing and inspiring. To quote one of our own following prior events, “Sourcecon never ceases to amaze, the networking opportunities are endless, I always come back inspired and my brain is sore from the information overload… in a good way.” To ensure not an ounce of learning potential is missed, our plan is to divide and conquer and reconvene to share notes. Yes, we take this very seriously!

As an agency that is solely focused on the placement of Talent Acquisition professionals (R4R), we are equally enthusiastic to come bearing gifts. We are very busy and have multiple opportunities throughout the U.S. with various clients for Recruiters, Sourcers, and Coordinators.

If you’ve been to Sourcecon, you know it can be difficult to meet everyone in the short time available. If you are attending and would like to ensure that you connect with one of us, please reach out to us direct to set aside some time.

We look forward to seeing everyone there.



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