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7 Helpful Tips for Turning Your Contract Job Into a Permanent Position

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So you landed a contract role with your dream company, you love it just as much as you thought you would and now you want to transition to a full-time employee? Check out these 7 helpful tips to help transform your contract job into a permanent position.

1. Keep your focus

As a general rule, you should strive to do your best every day, but this is especially true as a contract worker. If your ultimate goal is to get hired full-time at the company, you need to treat every moment as part of the interview.

2. Get involved

Doing what you were hired to do is important but getting involved to the point of being indispensable is a great way to transition from temporary to permanent. When you have time, learn about other aspects and jobs in the company. The more integrated you become and the more you can help, the more likely you are to be viewed as an asset.

3. Talk to people

Whether you’re in the office or working remotely, there are plenty of opportunities for you to make a presence in the company. In the office, try and take lunch in the common areas. Even if you can’t physically be there, you can participate in online initiatives and respond to email threads that establish your visibility and place in the company.

4. Express your aspirations

Because some people prefer temporary and freelance work, your supervisor may not be aware you’re looking to stay. Find the appropriate time to tell him or her your goals so they’re aware and able to either work with you to make it a reality or be honest if it isn’t going to happen.

5. Be consistent

We all have good days and bad days on the job, but during this time your goal should be consistency. This means predictably good daily performance and engagement. If it’s a slower time, try and find work and make sure you aren’t caught watching cat videos.

6. Connect with your boss

Making an impression with your boss is crucial, so make an effort to stay in contact with him or her on all projects. Arrive for meetings in a timely manner and whatever you do, don’t forget when you have one scheduled!

7. Stay responsive

When you receive an email or you’re asked to do something, don’t wait until it’s convenient for you to reply. Show them your work ethic by responding with willingness. If you are currently busy or working on the project they’re asking about, discuss with them instead of putting off the conversation.

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