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Your Contract Assignment is Coming to an End – What is the Next Step?

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Eventually, your contract with a client is going to come to an end. It’s the nature of contract work, and something you can prepare for in advance. Here are a few steps you can take as the end approaches for your current contract assignment.

See if the client is looking to extend the contract

The initial contract may be nearly over, but that doesn’t mean the company is ready to let you or the project go.  Unless you are working directly with the client, which is rare, you have an employer on your side.  They will be tracking the end date and inquiring with the client about extending you; however, the client may speak with you or your recruiter before to ask about the possibility of extending the contract. If they come to you direct, always loop in your employer.

If this is a place you’re interested in staying longer and contract extension is not an option, speak to your employer to see if they can identify a new team with the same client.

Reach out to your recruiter

If you aren’t extending the contract, make sure you reach out to your recruiter before the contract ends. They should be your first call when you start to think of looking at new roles. Since you have a successful contract job, you become a priority with your vendor for placing.  Or you should, that’s how it works at Search Wizards!

Together with your recruiter, you explore your next opportunity with other clients and begin the process of finding and being selected for a new role. Make sure you talk to him or her about what you liked and what you’re looking for in future positions. This way, they can make sure they’re pairing you with the perfect contract jobs.

Start saving money

No matter what your plans are post-contract, saving money is a good idea just in case. In some situations, you may not plan to get another contract job right away, and then having savings is essential.

We’ve mentioned it before, but as a contractor, it’s always wise to have at least one month’s expenses saved, and even better to have three. Vendors work with clients to provide opportunities, but the guarantee of the right role for you doesn’t exist. Because of this, you need to be prepared for potential downtimes. Even if you do move from one contract to the next without delay, a little extra savings isn’t a bad idea.

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