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How Automation Can Help Your Team Reach its Full Potential

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There is virtually no business today that doesn’t use some form of automation. It may range from a simple software app to a self-driving car … but it’s here, there and everywhere, and the automation trend has only just begun.  

Automation Circa 2020  

Automation historically involved expensive servers and extensive teams of specialists to maintain them. But today, thanks to the continued growth of cloud-based platforms, automation is accessible to even the smallest companies.  

In essence, automation comes down to implementing systems that complete repetitive tasks with minimal to zero need for human labor. It frees up staff so they can focus on responsibilities that are more strategic and business-critical, and less time-consuming and mundane.  

For example, consider:  

  • Machine learning: It can perform higher-order functions that require more than just basic adaptability. By using machine learning, programs learn more and more over time, so they can more efficiently work through massive amounts of data and contextualize it in meaningful ways. As a result, it facilitates and supports business decision making.  
  • Email marketing: This automated tool enables you to customize the parameters of your marketing campaigns, and then set them to run automatically. For instance, your system can send follow-up messages without anyone having to do a thing.   
  • Chatboxes: Industry research has shown that a single chatbox could handle up to 80 percent of customer service interactions. These consumer-facing tools automate interactions, respond to inquiries immediately, and can be directed to refer customers to a company representative only when the chatbox can fully handle their request.  

Automation and Talent Management  

In the talent management arena, recruitment, acquisition, and retention can all be enhanced via automated processes. Just a few functions that can easily be automated are tracking potential candidates and scheduling interviews.   

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) can match the right people with the right roles, teams, and projects – making a long-term match and higher level of company loyalty much more probable. This gives your HR team more time to meet and fully assess talent, work on long-term plans, and direct their skills to business development.  
  • Expanded access to training and networking opportunities can help employees grow their careers. From free online courses to skill certification without having to complete a course of study at a traditional institution, the benefits are widespread.  

Technology doesn’t replace humans; it helps them by relieving them of tasks that are less value-added. Efficiency, convenience, and ultimately, profitability, are bolstered. This translates into happier employees and a healthier bottom line.  

Want to Know More?  

To further explore automation and other solutions to grow your talent management team, contact Search Wizards today. We’ll deliver the results you’re looking for, on time and within budget. For the past 15 years, talent management has been our sole focus – so let our experts work their magic at your company. 



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