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Why Would You Work with a Vendor When Looking for Talent?

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Finding great employees can be a considerable challenge, regardless of your company’s size or the nature of your business. It’s never easy to win the talent war against your competitors. You have more than enough to do, keeping your business strong and successful. Plus, HR may not be your bailiwick. What’s the solution?

What a Vendor Can Do for You

The right vendor is more than just that. They’re a trusted partner and an invaluable resource for finding the right talent quickly and successfully, whether your needs call for permanent, part-time, freelance, temporary, or contract hires. The benefits of a vendor partnership include:

  • Faster hiring: It can be extremely time-consuming for you and your managers to comb through resumes and job applications, conduct multiple rounds of interviews, negotiate salaries and handle the various other duties associated with hiring while still getting your strategic and day-to-day work done. Your vendor can source, pre-screen, and qualify candidates to ensure that your team only sees people who will be a good fit for a role.
  • Greater flexibility: For many employers, there is tremendous value in having a fluid workforce that can easily be adjusted to meet evolving business needs. You need to make sure every dollar you invest in staffing helps your company. This may include temporary employees, an option that allows you to have workers on board only when you need them and help ensure optimal productivity. Flexing your headcount may be more crucial than ever as economic conditions continue to fluctuate with the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Lower risk: You may opt to have your vendor serve as an employer of record for employees, relieving you of employment-related liability. This means the vendor assumes legal responsibility for workers and assumes the cost and work associated with taxes, insurance coverage, and compliance with labor laws.
  • Cost efficiency: At first blush, you may think you’re saving money by hiring on your own, but a vendor is a wise financial decision for the long term. You’ll realize savings when it comes to time to hire – as the longer a position remains open, the higher the cost due to lost productivity. This can have a domino effect, as morale also suffers, and remaining employees are stressed and overworked to cover the gap. Ultimately, others may leave as well, and your reputation and employer brand image can take a beating. Where’s the value there?

You can rely on Search Wizards

Finding the right staffing partner starts with finding the right HR pros. At Search Wizards, that’s all we do. Our sole focus is on staffing for HR and talent management. You can rely on our knowledge, specialized expertise, and the network of clients and candidates that we’ve been building since 2005. As noted by one:

“Search Wizards has been an invaluable partner in scaling our hiring rate by 300 percent within six months. The quality of team members and immediate responsiveness to needs on our account were the reasons we were successful in reaching our hiring targets. Search Wizards is an outstanding and highly valued team for both our recruiting organization and the clients we support. I wouldn’t want to do business without them.”

Want to hear more? Contact us now. We’d love to share our vision and get to know you better!



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