Also known as team-based recruiting, collaborative hiring began at such corporate superpowers as Apple, Facebook, and Google – and has rapidly risen in popularity over recent years. Why? Because the resulting benefits to businesses of all sizes and industries include increased employee engagement, more diversity in assessing job candidates, and ultimately, higher productivity and retention.

Improve your hiring results.

As opposed to decision making by one person or through a strictly top-down approach, collaborative hiring takes a more democratic approach to talent acquisition. And, it lets your current team members know that you value their opinion and input.

  • When a current employee makes a candidate referral, or at the very least, participates in the hiring process, you get to showcase your best performers – and prospective hires get to say, “heck, yeah! I want to work with THEM!” It becomes a win-win situation: It could mean a promotion for one person due to the other being hired or a heightened sense of ownership during the onboarding period. Your new employee feels more confident, and it’s a seamless transition for everyone involved.
  • Current team members are more likely to be viewed by candidates as credible and authentic. During the recruiting process, applicants get to interact with future colleagues, giving them a realistic preview of what to expect if hired. The sad truth is: a significant percentage of new hires quit their jobs within the first six months or so. Collaborative hiring can help eliminate unpleasant on-the-job surprises and build camaraderie before a person even starts working for you.

Reach new levels of diversity.

Team-based hiring leads to a more diverse and wide-ranging perspective on what a role should look like and how candidates measure up to those expectations. This greatly decreases the risk of a bad hire and helps ensure that a person will be a good cultural fit at your company. It also makes your team aware of the unique value added by the new hire.

  • Enhance your employer brand by publicizing your collaborative culture. Not only will this attract top talent, but it also may encourage more employee referrals in the future. Remind everyone that your company values teamwork, consultation, feedback, and transparency – and that your employees have a voice and are trusted.

Let’s talk productivity and loyalty.

Because current employees have had input into hiring decisions, their morale improves – and productivity levels naturally follow. They’re not just workers anymore; they’re brand ambassadors. And it’s their brand. Learning more about and repeating your company’s best features to candidates reminds them why they don’t want to be anywhere else.

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