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Stand Out in the Recruiting Industry by Mastering These 3 Skills

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As a recruiter, you’re always looking for strong skillsets in the candidates you work with. But what are the top skills you need, to stay at the top of your game and be most effective in your own job?

Like all positions, being a great recruiter requires the best possible combination of hard and soft skills. There are many that fit both categories. But to zero in on three must-have traits as you advance your talent acquisition career, let’s talk:

1. Communications

Reaching out and talking to people consumes a significant portion of your time as a recruiter. This includes talking on the phone, meeting others virtually or in person, emailing, writing job ads, offers, and other collateral material, giving speeches and presentations, social media posts and website content, and representing yourself and your company to the public.

  • Be willing to and capable of actively listening and remembering all the crucial elements of interviews and other conversations. This means understanding non-verbal cues, as well as actual words spoken. Eliminate distractions and interruptions, let the other person do the majority of the talking, and don’t interrupt – no matter how strong you feel about a point you want to make.

2. Time Management

It’s impossible to manage time. But, you can manage yourself and how you use that time. When you work in recruiting, multi-tasking comes with the job. So, learn to prioritize tasks and set and stick to the right time management goals. The benefits include achieving what you want, faster, feeling more energized and fulfilled, and being less stressed. What’s not to like?

  • It helps to make to-do lists and set deadlines – and rewards. Treat yourself when you reach a goal or finish a task. You don’t have to go overboard, but reward yourself with whatever keeps you motivated. Maybe it’s as simple as an ice cream cone on the way home. Or buying that new purse you’ve had your eye on … or spending an hour playing a favorite video game before tackling your next assignment. You get it, right?

3. Persuasion

Master the art of positive persuasion – and you will benefit from its power. There’s a fine line between negative and positive persuasion, so be careful not to cross it.

  • Positive persuasion is honest, truthful, and principle-based. By contrast, negative persuasion is evident when a person says or does just about anything to shift someone over to their side of an issue. Negative persuasion may lead to short-term wins, but it ultimately results in both parties being dissatisfied with the long-term outcome. Developing rapport with candidates, based on trust, is very effective as you launch into positive persuasion during their decision-making process.

Are You Ready to Stand Out?

As you build your career as a recruiter with all the right skills and capabilities, consider partnering with Search Wizards. We are recruiters. That’s all we do – so we know and understand your passion. Contact us today to tell us more about your goals and future vision – and we’ll help make them happen.



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