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Don’t Scare Away Top Talent! 4 Company Culture Tips for Attracting Candidates

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The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and LinkedIn reported that recruiting motivated, purpose-driven candidates and matching them up to a culture that matters to them increases employee engagement and retention. Sourcing candidates who will align with your company culture involves finding and reeling in those who share your organization’s values, style, and day-to-day norms. It’s that simple, yet that challenging.

Think creatively about where to locate those gems – some of whom will be more hidden than others, but all of whom will be more than worth the effort. Your success will depend on what approach you take, what messages you send, and whether or not you actively leverage your culture to your advantage.

Here are four tips:

1. Focus on flexible hours and remote work options.

Even pre-pandemic, research showed that flexible working arrangements increased the effectiveness of both individuals and teams. Now more than ever, these benefits are top of mind for job seekers. Offering them as a central part of your culture lets candidates know that your company values work/life balance and will support them in maintaining it.

2. Promote career development.

Employee engagement and culture are tightly intertwined – and career development is the tie that binds them together. Your culture and successfully conveying it to prospective hires should unfold a road map for them to follow – providing them with challenge and growth as an integral aspect of their work life.

· Top talent wants to know how your organization structures and gives priority to their growth. Do you support them furthering their education? How fresh and relevant are your training programs? Do you regularly promote from within – and are these paths to promotion clearly outlined for them? Shine a spotlight on advancement opportunities as you communicate with prospective hires.

3. Highlight teamwork and collaboration.

Portray your collaborative work setting and demonstrate how it gives employees opportunities to contribute meaningfully to projects and initiatives that matter. (Hint: If this isn’t you, it’s time for a harsh reality check.) If you want team members who bring their unique passion and creativity to the table, make sure you advertise it.

4. Show that you understand a candidate’s importance.

When writing and communicating your job descriptions, go beyond listing the hard and soft skills required. Express how the work involved in a job is essential to the success of your business. Knowing that their contributions will be valued and recognized can strongly impact a candidate’s desire to join your company.

Build a Strong Team with Search Wizards

There are no tricks involved in successful recruitment marketing based on culture. Only treats. It’s all about how you fine-tune your company culture and present it to desired talent. If you need to shore up your strategy or look for additional tactics to make this happen, reach out to Search Wizards today. Talent acquisition is all we do and has been our sole focus since 2005 – so let us help find the right results and solutions for you.



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