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Why Social Media Will Make or Break Your Recruitment Strategy

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Circa 2021, if a recruiter fails to include social media in their overall hiring strategy, they might as well find another career.

Social platforms are growing in size and number, and they span all generations and age groups. The Big Three – LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter – have more than 3.5 billion combined users. Plus, you can’t forget YouTube, Instagram, and other social venues to reach your desired target market. So as you build your career in talent acquisition and score success for yourself and your clients, go social – or go home.

Social media recruiting builds brands.

To be a successful recruiter, you need to be savvy at understanding and building employer brands – and social media are key mechanisms to convey a company’s culture to potential hires.

  • Before they apply, job seekers turn to social media to get a solid feel for what a company is really like. And the cultural fit is essential to a successful candidate/company match. A brand can be portrayed using all forms of content, including photos, videos, links, and more.

You can use social platforms to reach passive candidates.

Even if a candidate has no current interest in a job you’re trying to fill, social platforms can be great venues to build relationships and expand a talent pool. By cultivating these relationships, you ensure that your job stays forefront of these job seekers’ minds, so they automatically think of it when ready to make a move.

Social media engage employees in the recruitment process.

Employee referral programs are very powerful for recruiting, with social media at their very core. Employees and managers should be educated to use social networks for professional purposes and encouraged to get involved.

  • Employees can post open jobs on their own networks, along with relevant company and industry news and their own stories. As sources, they are more credible to candidates than any C-suite-generated content might be.

A lot can be learned about candidates from social media.

At the end of the day, it’s all about hiring the right person for the right role – and you can gain a more in-depth understanding of a person by evaluating their LinkedIn profile and any relevant content they post on other social platforms.

  • LinkedIn recommendations and the groups a person joins are especially helpful. You can also determine if you have any second or third-degree connections so that you can get a more personal referral.
  • A word to the wise: Be careful not to expose yourself or your company or client to a legal risk. To avoid this, use applicant tracking software. A robust ATS will let you tap into a social network’s power while tracking the right parameters to avoid violations of Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP).

Find a Recruitment Strategy That Works with Search Wizards

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