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Follow These 3 Tips for Hiring Tech Talent Faster

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In so many industries, the ongoing pandemic has accelerated and intensified the tech talent shortage worldwide. Even before COVID, a 2018 study predicted a tech talent deficit in the U.S. alone of more than 625,000 by 2030. And now?! The aftereffects of the Great Resignation of 2021 may feel like the final nail in the tech hiring coffin.

But, chin up as this new year gets underway. You can take some avenues to hire tech talent and do so efficiently. Here are three:

1. Optimize your hiring process.

Today’s candidates demand an easy, quick, user-friendly experience, from their first touchpoint with your company and throughout the hiring process.

  • If you want tech applicants to complete a coding exercise as a skills assessment. But go ahead and schedule interviews, instead of waiting until testing is complete. Dragging out the process is risky; you may lose top talent to a competitor if they tire of waiting.
  • Make interviewing a two-way street. Give candidates ample opportunity to ask you about your job opportunity, company culture, and their career trajectory. Make them feel respected and heard, and treat them just as you would your current team members. (If there are issues there – yikes, if your own people don’t feel valued – then that’s a whole other issue. One that needs to be addressed ASAP.)

2. Offer the right benefits and perks.

Even before COVID (remember those days?!), flexibility and work/life balance were top candidate priorities. The pandemic has further underlined them. It’s fair to say that just about every job seeker, regardless of their situation or preferences, is looking for a culture that acknowledges each employee and their lives.

  • The key is to customize your benefits package to each individual. Find out what their individual wants and needs are, and meet them. There will always be room for negotiation, but unless those demands are totally unreasonable, they’re probably not worth losing good talent over.

3. Engage candidates on their own turf.

Recruiters should be active in the online forums where their desired candidates hang out. This includes engaging in conversations, posting articles and other content, and joining groups. 

  • One place to start when it comes to tech recruiting is the communication and collaboration platform Solaborate.

Start Hiring Faster

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