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How to Stand Out as a Recruiter and Find the Best Talent

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There are countless ways to define success in your career as a recruiter, but at the end of the day, it all comes down to one thing: providing your company or clients with candidates that fit their company and will make a positive impact on its success. 

It’s a tall order, for sure, especially in today’s job market. Becoming an outstanding recruiter takes persistence, strategy, and passion. But if you have the will to succeed, coupled with the right tips, tools, and tactics – you got it! 

As for those tips …. Start with: 

Knowing What To Look for in Candidates 

This means always keeping the big picture in mind; in other words, continuously asking yourself, “What exactly does my company or client need in a new hire?” 

  • Make a list of the “must-haves” – as well as the “nice to haves” – when it comes to job requirements, and refer to it with every candidate you consider. Then consider, “Will this individual help my client/company reach their ultimate vision?” Unless you can confidently answer “yes,” you need to keep looking. 

Asking the Right Questions and Digging Until You’re Satisfied with the Responses 

A candidate demonstrating the right hard skills for a job is not enough. They also have to be a good cultural fit. Ask the right questions and deep dive until you identify which traits a person possesses and are satisfied with what you hear. 

Emphasizing the Job Rather than the Skills 

If a candidate has previously performed a similar job, they probably have the hard skills you’re seeking, or at least the ability to learn them. This is important for meeting minimum requirements, so don’t overlook it. But, instead of fixating on it, shift your focus to clearly explaining employer expectations. This will help you develop a more diverse group of short-list candidates with varying experiences and backgrounds, while still maintaining the quality of your hire. 

Tracking Your Progress 

Identify and record the measurable results of your daily recruiting efforts. You can determine what’s working and what is not by reviewing these metrics. 

Thinking Ahead and Building a Talent Pipeline 

In addition to concentrating on current open requisitions, consider your future hiring needs. For instance, will certain departments or client product lines be growing? Are there retirements on the horizon? Based on these expectations, build a talent network and database of prospective candidates. Then, you’ll be in a better position to source when the time comes actively. 

Start Achieving Your Career Goals with Search Wizards 

Do you need further help fine-tuning any of these tactics or otherwise building your future as a recruiter? If so, contact the Search Wizards team today. We represent only top recruiting and sourcing talent, and we’ll place you in the best environment to showcase your unique strengths. We are recruiters, we know recruiters, and we understand recruiters. So, let’s work together and start achieving your career goals right now. 



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