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Is Compensation No Longer King? What to Consider While Recruiting Future Talent

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Today’s job candidates aren’t just looking to work for pay. They’re also looking to work for a purpose. 

This is not to say money isn’t essential, but in today’s market, job seekers are calling the shots – and among their top priorities is aligning themselves with an organization that shares their values. The global pandemic has led people to reassess their life priorities. They’ve come to know what matters most – and in many cases, it all comes down to finding a meaningful career versus a mega-paycheck. 

Whether you’re hiring on-site, remote, or hybrid employees, you need to be willing and prepared to invest in them if you intend to find and retain top talent. This means getting to know each one as an individual and then meeting their unique demands. Because if you don’t, your competitors will. 

Candidate Priorities Circa 2022 

What do candidates want? As you strengthen your current recruitment strategy, consider: 

A shift in benefits 

Support people’s overall well-being. Flextime, remote work, and shared schedules are high on the list, along with such perks as gym and spa memberships. One popular option is bringing pets to work, which can alleviate stress and boost morale and productivity. Last but far from least, mental health benefits are just as critical as those related to physical issues. 

Work/life balance 

It bears repeating. Candidates are not prepared to compromise on this issue. They are turning down jobs that require them to be in the office five days a week. It’s become known as the YOLO (You Only Live Once) movement. 

Career growth and development 

Provide your workforce with ample learning opportunities so they can advance their professional strengths and move up within your organization. The options include tuition reimbursement, in-house training, and incentives or bonuses for completing relevant courses, certifications, or licensures. 


People want to take pride in the company they work for, and diversity and inclusion have moved up on the priority list. In one recent Glassdoor survey, one-third of U.S. employees and job seekers said they wouldn’t apply to an organization where a diverse workforce was lacking. 

Recruit Top Talent with Search Wizards 

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