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Common Excuses Successful People Don’t Make

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Successful people don’t make excuses. They make progress, they make plans, they make deadlines, they make positive marks on their lives, companies, coworkers and loved ones … but not excuses. 

So as you build your career as a recruiter, you can have it one way or the other: you can make excuses – or you can make it happen. 

Maybe you don’t realize you’re making excuses, or even recognize them when you let them creep into your life. So, to keep your awareness level up, here are some of the excuses successful people don’t make: 

I don’t have time. 

Yes, you do – if your goals are important enough to you. Learn how to make time. Start by finding just 15 or 20 more minutes in your day, whether that means setting the alarm a little earlier or cutting your next video game session a bit short. Before long, you’ll start to reap the rewards and it will get easier and easier.  

I don’t have the right skills (or experience). 

So, there are skills and there’s experience.  

  • To develop the right skills for your next role, look for available classes or courses, whether in person or online. Make the effort to invest in your greatest commodity: yourself. 
  • When it comes to experience, follow the same method, but look for applicable training or internship opportunities. A professional career coach or search firm can be tremendously helpful in this regard. 

I don’t have enough money. 

Successful people find ways to turn their dreams into reality, even if it means getting creative to find the funding. This may mean buckling down and finding a temporary job to pay the bills and set aside a nest egg to acquire tuition money, resources, tools, hardware, software … whatever takes to get you started down the path to success. Oh wait. Do you really want it? Well, then the answer is quite clear. 

I’ll do it tomorrow.  

So you know there’s actually no such thing as tomorrow, right? Okay, maybe there is when you’re filling in your calendar or making up your to do list. But, as the old saying goes, when it gets here, it’s today. So, how about you reassess that calendar or list and put those items that equate to erasing lame excuses on the top of it? If it’s just too intimidating, start small. Pick just one thing and hit it hard. 

Now is just not the right time. 

And when exactly is? 

There’s no such thing as the perfect time. Successful people acknowledge this and act decisively, despite imperfect situations or conditions. At the risk of cliché overkill, take an imperfect time and make it perfect. Make lemonade out of those lemons! 

Instead of making excuses, which will only stymie your next great career move, make a call – today – to Search Wizards. We focus solely on matching talent acquisition pros with leading employers and helping them soar. Your best opportunity is right around the corner, and we’ll help you find and land it ASAP. 



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