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Write a Memorable Resume with These 7 Tips

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As a recruiter, you’re  well aware of the ins and outs of resumes. But, excellence begins at home – and it’s always good to refresh your knowledge of the best resume tips out there. So, for your own use as well as helpful tools as you advise candidates, here are seven tips to keep on your radar: 


Use a professional address. 

You may think is catchy … said no talent acquisition professional ever! When it comes to your resume, it’s time to be a bit ho-hum; in other words, clear and to the point. Create a new address that goes something like this: Using the right email provider as well as the right address will avoid your resume getting rejected. Truth. 


Keep contact information current. 

Make sure all contact information on your resume is accurate and up to date.  

  • Include URLs to your social media profiles, personal website and blog, if applicable. Take time to make sure your URLs are live and to hyperlink them so they’re easily accessible. 
  • Also make sure that the information included on your LinkedIn profile matches the information from your resume. Discrepancies can be a big red flag to hiring managers. 


Maximize readability. 

 This tip requires a list of its own: 

  • Make strategic use of boldface, all caps and italics. Be consistent; for instance, if you make one subheading bold, make them all bold. The point is to make the most important information the easiest to find. 
  • Speaking of subheads, keep them simple. Just get to the point: Profile. Experience. Education. Skills. You get the drift. 
  • Balance text and white space. This not only makes your resume easier to read, it’s also more aesthetically pleasing. 


Choose the right format. 

Resumes may be in a reverse chronological or functional format, or a combination of the two. The first is the most common and often, the most effective. Choose the one that positions your strongest, most relevant content at the top. 

  • Save your resume in a few different file formats so you can send out whichever is requested or suitable. 


Keep content relevant to the job description. 

Read the job description. Then read it again – and tailor your resume accordingly. Mine it for those all-important keywords. Put it through a cloud generator. Really, really get to know that JD. It’s your most important step toward resume perfection. 


Highlight your best achievements. 

Focus on your top professional accomplishments – and include numbers and details whenever possible. Instead of simply saying you were “responsible for sourcing new leads,” state that you “increased new candidate leads by 12 percent over a six-month period.” Give a tangible sense of how results have improved when you effectively utilized one of your professional skills. 


Yes, you do need to include a cover letter. 

Cover letters are not passe. You should include one with each resume you submit. And, match the content without being redundant. No copying and pasting allowed! This step could be the deciding factor between you and another candidate if everything else comes up equal. So, yeah, make that cover letter a winner. 


At Search Wizards, we’re all about helping recruiting pros excel and flourish in their careers. We’re recruiters ourselves – and talent acquisition is our sole area of focus, as we specialize in matching rock star candidates with the right opportunities for their goals, values, and long-term vision. We’ve been at it for more than two decades, and our experience speaks for itself. Contact us today to learn more. 



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