October 17th, also known as National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day has arrived to remind you of a necessary task that is often overlooked. Cleaning your computer might not seem like the most important thing on your to-do list, but that’s why this national holiday was created. At least once a year, taking time to organize your files and old photos is so important when it comes to both your computer’s performance and your own productivity, saving you time and unnecessary frustrations.

Archive old files and images. Create new folders and sections to separate your documents from each other. This will not only help you find your important files quicker but will also assist your computer’s speed, running much faster than before. Do the same with your mobile devices as well. Give your phone a nice sweep, deleting all your old, unwanted photos and apps no longer in use.

Overall, having a clean and organized workplace will result in less irritation and will significantly increase your efficiency in accomplishing tasks.

Try it yourself, and see how you benefit from tidying your technology.