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World Wildlife Conservation Day

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World Wildlife Conservation Day is celebrated every year on December 4th, intended to raise awareness about the world’s most precious flora and fauna and the issues threatening their existence. First recognized in 2012, this holiday aims to encourage education about the importance of wildlife and ultimately protect endangered species. The theme for 2022 focuses on “Recovering Key Species for Ecosystem Restoration,” as the majority of animals now facing extinction are essential for the sustainability of their respective ecosystems.

Although all creatures work together to keep a harmonious balance within the environment, some animals characterized as key or keystone species are necessary for an ecosystem’s survival. Regardless of their place in the food chain, these animals support the lives of other organisms within their habitat and ultimately, the Earth. Without these species to protect the world’s biodiversity, their ecosystems and all those who rely on them face an existential threat, including humans.

Human development has never been kind to the planet, for centuries we have been destroying habitats to clear land, dumping waste into waters, and trafficking animals for our own greed. The Living Planet Report 2022 reveals an alarming average decline of 69% in species populations since 1970. The loss of wildlife persists and every year an enumerable amount of animals are illegally slaughtered and poached for materialistic benefit. Because of this, some of the most magnificent creatures are critically endangered, including but not limited to; elephants, rhinos, leopards, orangutans, gorillas, and sea turtles. Could you imagine a world where these species didn’t exist? However, this is not inevitable; people have the power to redirect their attention to save these species and restore the environment.

With this year’s theme, World Wildlife Conservation Day hopes to encourage action towards saving these important species and overall, contribute to the development of a sustainable future. If you’re looking for some small but impactful ways to support wildlife and our planet, here is some advice…

1. Don’t buy illegal wildlife products, such as ivory

2. Boycott unsustainable food products, such as palm oil

3. Donate to a conservation group or wildlife organization

4. Educate yourself on wildlife crime and endangered species

5. Learn more about the Endangered Species Act

6. Watch documentaries on wildlife issues and animal protection, including Blackfish, Forks Over Knives, and Racing Extinction.

At Search Wizards, we are working with both our clients and our talent network to build their future. We want to use our voice to bring topics like Wildlife Conversation to the table so that the future we live in is sustainable and protective of our environment and the species in it.



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