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How to Choose Between Job Offers

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There may be many forks in the road to finding your next great job, but one of the best is the one where you have two or more comparably good offers and you have to choose between them.

Not a bad spot to be in – but a dilemma nonetheless. After all, you can always make another change if things don’t work out, but who wants to go through all that stress again? To avoid this scenario and make the right, most informed decision, use these tips:

Ask yourself: Which offer best aligns with your long-term goals?

You’ve already shown what you can do for the companies – but which one can do the most for you? Carefully consider everything you’ve learned about each job and organization. Then ask yourself which offer best aligns with your long-term career goals.

It’s not all about the money. But still…

Does your preference lean towards one job – but the other pays more? You cannot and should not ignore this fact. And maybe, money really is all it’s about right now. But, weigh all the pros and cons. Will that “wow” salary make up for working somewhere that you like a lot less? Remember, you can always negotiate for more money or better benefits.

Which opportunity offers the best cultural fit for you?

This one is kind of a deal breaker. The last thing you want or need is a work environment that feels toxic to you. So, learn all you can about the cultures of each company that makes you an offer. And, make sure you’re crystal clear about what kind of culture you’re looking for. The right career coach can be a huge asset with this process.

Which boss do you like better?

It’s true: Often, people really don’t quit their jobs, they quit their bosses. Your direct manager has a huge impact on your work experience, performance, and success on the job. If you don’t connect well with your manager, you may quickly lose motivation or decide to quit. But with a good manager match, you will be inspired and motivated to excel.

Last but not least, trust your gut.

Another self-directed question: All other details and factors aside, which job opportunity excites you the most? It’s your job, your career, your decision. So, you do you. Once you’ve worked through all the other considerations, if you’re still on the fence, come back to your intuition – and trust yourself.

As you explore your next role as a recruiter, consider partnering with Search Wizards to help you make the right choice, the first time around. We can help with it all – from connecting you to organizations that best suit your values, goals and mission to negotiating compensation, start dates and other details to ensure it’s the best all-around deal for everyone involved. We specialize only in working with talent acquisition pros and matching them with dynamic employers – so let’s talk today about your successful future.




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