I have completed several contract recruiting and staffing consulting engagements over the past 15 years with emerging startups to Fortune 100 companies. As a result, I have needed to contract through five or six 3rd party providers as part of the engagements. I recently completed a short-term engagement with Microsoft helping them with a Cloud Storage Data Center recruiting project in the U.S. Microsoft worked with Search Wizards Inc. for my project. Search Wizards was the best 3rd party I have worked with. I could not have been more impressed. Their level of customer service for the contract recruiter from onboarding, compensation, pay, benefits, equipment, system access, end of project wrap up, etc. was incredible. I highly recommend them to contract recruiters to partner with as well as companies that need to bring on contract recruiters as part of their talent strategy. They are tapped into the best contract recruiting talent I have seen in the U.S.

Brian O.

Search Wizards is changing the standard for consulting companies and blazing new trails in our sourcing/recruiting industry. I have worked for Search Wizards for two and a half years as a recruiting consultant at Microsoft, and it has been the best career decision I have ever made. They are true leaders in the industry. I’m proud and honored to be a part of the organization.

Melanie H.

Search Wizards is the best contract recruiter staffing company in the business. What makes them the best, you may ask? The people, the processes, the client relationships, and the fulfillment of their promises makes Search Wizards the best. The Search Wizard’s staff demonstrates their integrity by treating consultants with respect and professionalism. I have been in this industry for many years, and this was the first time I ever received a gift of appreciation for my one-year anniversary. During a stressful time for our family, I received notes of concern from many of the Search Wizard’s staff.

I will attribute this process as the single reason that I have never had an issue with pay at Search Wizards. They have clearly defined processes, and the people carrying out the processes have the liberty and discretion to administer them fairly. I am in a role that requires frequent travel, and they not only book flights of my choice and hotels to my standards, but they also provide immediate and complete no-hassle reimbursement of expenses. Now, if you’ve been in the industry for any amount of time, you’ll recognize this as a rare feat.

The relationships that Search Wizards has with their clients allow you to function in your expertise. When consultants come in, they are allowed to do what they do best. I’ve been on the consultant and vendor side of the business. Over time, you get a good sense of when the vendor isn’t taking good care of clients and being just. Because of these relationships, I’ve seen Search Wizards find additional contracts within the same client for consultants that have outworked their contracts.

Every promise I have received from Search Wizards has come to fruition. I was first contacted by Miranda about an opportunity, but there were some delays with the interview process, but Miranda said she wouldn’t forget about me. Oh, did she ever remember me! She called me one evening about an opportunity with Microsoft and the rest is history. Next, I was told the work was pleasant and it was. I was told that the contract would be 3-6 months and ongoing if I continued to produce and it is. They have been upfront about everything, and if you are like me, you can work “all day” with a company like that.

I wish continued success to the Search Wizards family.

Lamar S.

The greatest business compliment is to merit a reputation for integrity, a promise is made and kept. Search Wizards embodies this integrity – internally with great employees, and externally with satisfied, confident business partners. I’ve had the rich pleasure of working with Search Wizards and was rewarded with their intelligent focus, drive, and delivery. This is my recommendation: search no more, call the Wizards!

Tim S.

The Search Wizards staff is very thorough and professional. The fact that I was ushered through an effective interviewing process has definitely enhanced my personal career path. As a professional who has “been around the block,” I would HIGHLY recommend Search Wizards’ excellent services for candidates and companies, alike.

Suzy T.

Search Wizards is a great team! The caliber of recruiters and the reputation of the Search Wizards organization are outstanding. It’s great to work with a team of recruiters whose skills and abilities are at the top of their field. I enjoy working with the team. Search Wizards provides all the support you need, and best of all, I have never once had an issue with being compensated appropriately or on time. If you’re a skilled recruiter with outstanding search capabilities, the Search Wizards team is where you want to be!

Kim W.