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Today is National Worship of Tools Day

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These days there is a day for everything and today is National Worship of Tools Day, who knew?! Although we are confident the “tools” this day was originally intended for are more likely to be found in a garage, shed, or construction site, it is no secret that the TA community worships “tools” daily. We are known for our ability to use both free and paid tools to find, engage, and interact with the perfect candidate or lead. The internal Recruiters at Search Wizards are no different. We are consistently trying new tools in our daily routine.

Every day it seems there is a new app, extension, or program touted to streamline or simplify the work we are doing. Our internal Recruiting team enjoys trying new things and while many do not make the cut some do and thus our toolbelt is always evolving.

National Worship of Tools Day is a good day share some the current tools a few members of our team are using and why. While many of these tools have paid options, those listed are either free or have free alternatives that are very useful:

Grammarly: This tool corrects your grammar and spelling. I appreciate this feature when I am writing emails or even when I am submitting a candidate. There is nothing worse than realizing that your message has typos or spelling mistakes after you have already hit send. Grammarly, it makes me sound smarter than I am. – Christie Toffolo

Calendly: With one click my candidates can access my calendar to select the best available time for a phone screen. It is quick, easy, and keeps my day organized with little to no effort. This is my go-to when it comes to scheduling. –Taylor Hicks

US Phonebook: I love US Phonebook! It is an easy way to find a candidate’s phone number. It provides a history of previous cities they have lived in as well, so if you have their online profile pulled up, you can confirm if you have found the correct person. And the best part? IT’S FREE and UNLIMITED! – Christie Hotz

Zap Info: I am a superfan of Zap Info. Although it does not find a lot of email addresses, I have been able to locate the cell phone and landline information on candidates. Additionally, it is an easy upload to our applicant tracking system. I also like the messaging feature, it allows you to personalize your message to a group of people quickly. – Talise Gary

Snovio: Snovio has been a great resource/Chrome Extension. You get 200 free email verifications per month-just start your search from your target’s profile page or the company profile page by clicking the embedded Snovio icon, and away you go with finding emails!

Another great and underrated tool is the phone! The easiest way to quickly connect with potential candidates is by picking up the phone and making that human connection. With the number of emails, we all get, sometimes it’s best just to make the call. – Courtenay Hickman

Instant Data Scraper: This web scraper crawls list-type data from multiple pages. It is an entirely free tool and is easy to use on almost any web page. The extension icon is a poke ball. I think it adds a little humor to your browser. If you want to scrape data from web pages into .xlxs or .csv files, try Instant Data Scraper – Lucien Harlow-Dion

We would love to hear what your favorite Recruiting tools are, please share with us online or feel free connect with us directly.

Happy Hunting!



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