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Search Wizards Celebrates International Earth Day

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Yesterday, March 20, 2019, was International Earth Day! Not to be confused with Earth Day which we will celebrate on April 22nd.

While we believe that every day should be Earth Day, yesterday was our first opportunity in 2019 to make a bold statement. Search Wizards, along with many others around the globe, took time to show our commitment to a common goal of protecting the planet and securing a sustainable future.

Our team had fun cleaning up the beach, planning our home recycling centers, donating unused items, and more. Some of our puppies even joined in on the action.

We hope you will join the cause on April 22nd by choosing an activity that you will find personally fulfilling.

Want to get involved, but not sure what to do? Here are a few ideas to get you thinking:

• Support an Environmental Organization
• Clean up Your Community
• Plant a Tree (or one thousand)
• Organize Your Home Recycling System

Search Wizards has an ongoing commitment to protect the planet and secure a sustainable future.

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