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Using Technology in Areas That Will Free You to Focus on Human Interaction

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The threat of advancing technology might be causing fear among your employees. Instead of seeing the value of artificial intelligence (AI), they only see the threat. At Search Wizards, we believe that instead of stealing jobs, automation through AI actually frees up your workforce to focus more on what is important, human interactions. A recent Forrester report explained three ways this can apply to your company.

More time for engagement

From both the managerial and employee perspectives, sometimes there isn’t time to meet or socialize. Getting the job done is important so other areas are neglected. You wish you could connect more, but the tasks won’t complete themselves. At least, you aren’t letting them.

While AI can’t fill every gap, it can help with routine tasks related to updates, databases, and more, depending on your company’s process. By embracing these automations instead of fearing them, you’re taking some of the day-to-day busywork off your employees’ plates and freeing up time to actually connect one-on-one and encourage more interactions. When you boost engagement, you’re creating a more positive environment for your team and keeping them both content and loyal.

Increased confidence in your employees

Focusing on mundane tasks can be draining, leaving your team in a discouraged space. Instead of feeling like they’re growing, they’ll feel bogged down and still fear the machines taking over. When you bring in automation that makes their jobs better, you’re helping to boost their confidence.

Because they aren’t stuck in the same tasks they do every day, they can focus on new challenges. This freedom can boost their confidence so they feel prepared to grow in their career and take on whatever comes next, instead of fearing change because nothing changes for them.

Better value for your customers

Automating internal processes can do something amazing for your external customer base – suddenly your employees have more time to assist them. For example, think scheduling bots and how they can cut down on the time it takes to schedule an appointment. Instead of going back and forth and back again, you can quickly and efficiently set up your meeting or interview.

At the end of the day, or at least where we currently stand, technology does not replace your workers, however, it is important to embrace it in a way that frees your recruiting teams up to focus more on their personal interactions with the talent in their pipelines. In doing so, you can help make your team more efficient and ultimately your business more productive.

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