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How You Can Stay Focused at Work During the Holiday Season

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As the holiday season ramps up, you may find it more challenging to stay focused at work. With so much going on with planning meals, trips, and shopping, your mind can easily wander. Here’s how you can stay motivated and manage your productivity.

Create a line between your work life and your personal life

This is sometimes easier said than done, but if you want to stay productive, you’ve got to make it a reality. Start by setting the necessary boundaries, including asking friends and families to understand when you’re working. By not distracting yourself during the day with these personal conversations, you will have more time to get your work done so you can leave feeling accomplished and ready to take on your tasks at home.

Stay organized both in and out of work

It’s likely your head is swimming with everything that needs to get done in your various roles in life. You’re thinking about grocery lists, present lists, projects to complete, assignments to get done, all of your big ideas, and more. Keeping them a jumble in your head means they can leave you feeling overwhelmed.

Divide the work by making lists of everything you need to do at work and at home. You will feel less out-of-control when you organize, and you can segment your time accordingly. Write down tasks when you think of them, so they are out of your head, but don’t let them interfere with the work you’re doing.

Balance your schedule

More than just everything you need to get done, you’ll have more opportunities to say ‘yes’ to things this season. While you do not want to become a hermit, you can find balance without overcommitting. When you agree to go to everything, you may feel physically and emotionally drained, which will overflow into your work performance. A recent article on shares a few tips you might be able to incorporate if you need help saying no.

Don’t neglect your health

The key to staying focused and productive in anything is taking care of yourself. Part of this is refusing to overcommit, but it also involves periods of rest and exercise. Don’t neglect your sleep, fitness routine or eating well because you’re too busy and surrounded by sugar, the effects will spill over.

Plan ahead

To stay calm during the season is to be prepared for it. Please don’t wait until it’s here to realize you need a system; be ready when it comes because you know, without fail, it’s going to. This includes anything involving work assignments. If you see a contract is ending and it might be time to look for another, begin the work in advance so you can stay focused on your current client and be ready when it’s time to transition.

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