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Advice for Excelling as a Sourcer

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There is some disagreement in our industry as to what a Sourcer does. You can find a lot of information on this debate,  if you are interested, this is a good article to start with. Regardless of where you feel a Sourcer’s role begins and ends in the Recruiting lifecycle, typically, the same skill set is relevant across the varying definitions of the position. If you are passionate about Sourcing and motived to be the best you can be, here are a few tips on how you can excel in the role.


Stay focused on learning

As a Sourcer the number one most important thing you can do is remain open to and focused on learning. You will never know everything! Our industry and the tools and methods we have available to us are continually evolving. Luckily for us, the Talent Acquisition community is one that shares. There are many groups and blogs you can follow. A few of our favorites include SourceCon, Sourcing 7, and BATSA. Just looking for tools? Check out RecruiterHunt. Find your preferences and make catching up on the latest a part of your daily or weekly process. Try new tricks and tools that you learn from your peers and fold your new favorites into your process.


In addition to new sourcing tools and methods, you will have the opportunity to work with different companies and processes. You may also find that throughout your career, you are tasked with identifying candidates from various backgrounds and seniority levels, which means you will always be learning new technical terms and industry jargon. The best way to succeed in this is to be ready to learn everything you can so you can speak authoritatively on the subject at hand.


 Fake it till you make it

An apt phrase, but we are not implying you do not know what you are doing. You have been hired as a sourcer, so clearly, you have what it takes. This is just a reminder that sometimes you may be unsure, and while it is a good idea to ask questions when you are not confident, we all know there are some questions you can answer for yourself. For example, we once heard of a tenured Sourcer asking their new manager, “what the C crisscrossy thing was”. If you did not guess, they were referring to C#, which a tenured technical Sourcer would have known and is also highly googlable… As with most positions, confidence is everything. The simple act of behaving as if you know what you are doing in every situation is usually enough to convince people that you do. After all, a great Sourcer will always find the solution in the end.


 Focus on building relationships

As a Sourcer, the faster you can offer strong talent to the roles you support, the better. The best way to do this and not hurt the candidate experience is to focus on the relationships you build. A candidate will not trust someone who calls them and disappears. Taking the time to focus on relationship building can make the difference in your career. When you care about your candidates, it shows in your work. Additionally, making this a priority means you know best what your candidates are good at, what types of roles would interest them, and what will be the key motivators to make a move. Fostering these relationships, even when you do not have the perfect role today, means that they are more likely to take your call when you do, and you come out looking like a Rock Star to both the candidate and the client.


It’s all about you with Search Wizards

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