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Want to Improve Your Employee Retention? This is How AI Can Help!

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As technology in our workforce continues to expand, companies are using AI to their benefit in several ways. One of these areas is an issue most employers are familiar with – employee retention. For many companies, artificial intelligence has been a solution when it comes to this topic. Here are a few ways AI can help with your employee retention.


Better chance of professional growth and advancement

One of the top reasons an employee will leave is the lack of opportunity available to them, or they are growing bored in their work. If they feel there’s nowhere they can go, it is more likely that they will start looking for companies that offer the opportunity for advancement. In too many cases, the employer may not even know this is an issue until they’re gone.


With AI, you can use data analytics to determine how an employee learns and operates. With this information, you can develop a plan based on their progress to aid with training that meets their specific needs. As you continue to gather analytics, you can continue to modify their training. One example of this is UpsideLMS which offers reports and dashboards designed to read and analyze learner data and make decisions on their progression based on the findings.


Finding trends in productivity

Another benefit of AI is monitoring an employee’s productivity. Depending on what technologies you use at your company, you can pull data of employee reports and activities and have them analyzed. Most ATS (applicant tracking) and CRM (customer relationship management) tools come with basic AI reporting functionality that allows you to look into their work to see how productive someone is being, and if it’s slipping, reach out and find out why.


Another related opportunity is monitoring tardiness. Typically, being late can have ripple effects across an organization that affects productivity. By following arrival times and comparing them to overall productivity, you can find areas where improvement can happen, creating a better experience for everyone on the team.


Give them the schedule they want and save yourself time

AI can remove one of the most significant burdens to an employer – scheduling. These new AI options allow employees to submit their preferred times while the technology creates an intuitive schedule that incorporates these requests. It can even work with time-off requests, meaning you no longer have to balance everything submitted to make sure the work is covered.


Two AI scheduling options that are increasingly popular in businesses are Deputy and When I Work. Both contain scheduling options but come with unique features to meet your business’ needs. With Deputy, you have the AI technology to auto-schedule based on available, breaks, and hour requirements. Plus, team members can swap shifts among themselves. When I Work also serves as time a clock and can help serve as an accountability booster. These tools, and others like it, are great to consider when you want to save yourself some time!


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