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What You Can Take Away from Working on Contract in Talent Acquisition

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New year, new you, perhaps a new career path too. If you’re a talent acquisition specialist looking to make a change in 2020, we’ve got an idea for you – consider becoming a contract worker! Our clients are looking for talented and experienced professionals like yourself who can help them meet their hiring goals. If you’ve never thought about this option for your career, consider what you can take away from working as a contractor. 

Build your network

Working in a permanent position means you’re getting to know the same group of people (with some fluctuation) during your tenure at the company. Your co-workers may be valuable contacts, but your professional network growth is limited.

As a contractor, you get to enter new environments and establish new relationships with professionals from several fields. Each time you begin a new contract, there’s another opportunity on the horizon with new and valuable people.

Sample various industries

Speaking of new environments, contracting allows you to try many different industries. Not only are you growing your network, but you’re also taking your recruiting skills into several different and interesting fields, allowing you to learn how various industries work. This flexibility can provide insight into your interests and discover the kind of companies you want to focus on for your career. 

Staying current in your knowledge while picking up new skills

Practice makes perfect, or in this case, makes doing your job easier. Working consistently in talent acquisition, even for different employers, helps hone your current skills and make sure your knowledge isn’t lapsing. Even better, you’ll pick up new skills along the way.

Moving from role to role means every job is an opportunity to learn something new. Each company and position bring their problems to solve, which in turn helps you grow along the way. Instead of settling into a routine with a permanent employer, you have the opportunity to stay loose and learn. 

Get support along the way

Another amazing benefit of becoming a talent acquisition contract worker is the opportunity to partner with a company that’s as dedicated to your career as you. You don’t have to be afraid of the unknown between opportunities because you have an ally throughout the entire process. The professionals at Search Wizards are here for you. 

Start your search with Search Wizards

What gives us our edge? The fact that we are recruiters, just like you. We understand what motivates you and your drive to impact the bottom line through your role and the hires you find. To us, you aren’t just another recruitment professional – we see you for your unique talent that makes you invaluable. Our goal is to take what you have to offer and pair you with one of our amazing clients, creating the perfect match. Want to take the next step? Start by searching our open jobs!



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