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Qualities of a Successful Recruiter: Adaptability

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The world of recruitment is changing faster than you can say, “talent management.” And, unless you change with it, things will quickly stagnate in your career. But by continually developing certain skills – adaptability foremost among them – you’ll hold a solid place on the fast track. 

Like most of the best things in life, adaptability helps keep your personal life in line, as well. And that ever-important work/life balance? If you’re flexible and adaptable, it all comes together like a perfectly written symphony. 

Adaptability Defined 

Let’s take it right to the scientific source: Charles Darwin, the father of evolutionary biology and publisher of the original theory of evolution, once said, “It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” Amen, Charles, amen. 

  • Adaptability isn’t about skills, qualifications, or even experience. It’s about being willing and open to approaching the unknown with optimism and confidence. It can help you write your own ticket to career progression. 
  • Being adaptable means showing you’re capable beyond your current position and job description. As career strength, it is the ability to change your actions, behaviors, methods, and mindset in order to fit new situations as they arise. 
  • People who are career adaptable are forward thinkers when it comes to their goals. They constantly focus on what they want to achieve and maintain healthy levels of control and curiosity – even if it means altering their current professional pathway. 

How to Develop Adaptability 

The more adaptable you are, the more open you’ll be to new opportunities – and more of them will come your way as a result.  An adaptable person is one who can carry out multiple tasks, manage multiple assignments, and make changes in their attitude and outlook to align with changing circumstances.  

  • Embrace new trends and be willing to take calculated risks. 
  • Don’t be rigid in your thinking. Instead, learn to adjust to situations as you encounter them.  
  • Keep an open mind, and show that you can be relied on when assigned a new project, even if it’s outside your usual wheelhouse. 
  • Be a lifelong learner. Let your mind be a sponge, always absorbing new concepts and building new expertise. 
  • Stay optimistic and upbeat. Flexible people are more wanted on teams and by companies, as they take a “never say die” stance and can fit themselves naturally into diverse groups. 

Of all the skills today’s employers are seeking, adaptability is a core emotional intelligence quality – right up there with communication, time management, a strong work ethic, and integrity. Take your career into your own hands and see how exciting it is to watch it grow! 

Search Wizards Offers Career Guidance 

Contact Search Wizards for further guidance in developing your adaptability and other key professional skills. As recruiters who specialize in placing recruiters, we’re in a unique position to help you advance in your career. And, check out our jobs portal for a look at what’s out there right now. 



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