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3 Ways to Show Your Employer You’re Ready for More Responsibility

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Are you hungry for new challenges at work? Ready to climb the next step up the professional ladder? 

This itch is one that really needs to be scratched. The desire to take on more responsibility is a good omen for you and your employer. But be sure you do it in a way that sets you up for success, rather than just adding to your workload. Work with both your recruiter and your boss to demonstrate your commitment, your potential, and the unique value you add. Use these tips to get started:

1. Be sure you’re meeting current expectations.

And “meeting” really means “exceeding.” If your goal is to move forward and upward, know – and show – that you’re good at what you do right now. 

  • Toot your own horn. It’s unrealistic to ask for more and expect your boss to agree unless you’re already delivering excellent results. 
  • Objectively evaluate your current performance. Ask your recruiter or a trusted friend or colleague to do the same. Are you meeting every deadline? Acing all quality and delivery standards? Producing measurable positive results? Otherwise, your manager has good reason to hesitate before giving you more.

2. Talk to your boss.

Make your supervisor aware of your goal to do more. Set up a meeting, and then come prepared with ideas and solutions, not just a request. 

  • View your manager as your client. If they were, you would proactively consider what their needs are, including pain points, preferences, and priorities. Embrace how they make decisions and get a sense of what they would typically agree to. Use this intel to pinpoint what you can do to help further their goals, as well as your own. 
  • Keep your message points positive. Don’t approach the conversation with a laundry list of complaints or grievances. Instead, frame it positively. Emphasize your desire to help your company solve problems and gain business. Focus on your value rather than your boredom or frustration

3. Follow up.

Give your manager some time to process it all. Don’t be disappointed if you don’t get an on-the-spot answer. Then, follow up appropriately. 

  • At the conclusion of your meeting, tell your manager in friendly terms that you’ll give them some time to think things over. Don’t be afraid to suggest a reasonably firm deadline for this to happen. You might want to say something like, “Why don’t we touch base again at the end of next week?” 
  • Once you get the okay to own more work, provide updates on your progress. What’s going well? What challenges have you faced, and how are you doing at overcoming them? Don’t be a pest. Just give timely updates, enough to keep your boss in the loop, especially when you score wins. 

Ready to Grow in Your Career?  

Search Wizards can help you satisfy that need to grow in your career – whether it means more rewards and responsibilities at your current company or finding them elsewhere. We’ll get to know you and your unique interests and goals in talent acquisition, and help you soar. Take a peek at our current jobs or contact us today to learn more. 



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