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Working from Home? Utilize These Helpful Tools

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While remote work has been an increasingly common trend, it has taken on an urgent level of importance with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Though not without its challenges, working from home can be highly successful and productive. Here are some helpful tools to consider for your remotely distributed teams, especially if you have had to adjust to this change:  


This productivity tool helps team members become more efficient by focusing on one single goal per day versus dividing their attention. As summarized in the app’s tagline, “Multi-tasking is a myth. Single-tasking is a superpower.”  

Status Hero 

Statuses are important on remote teams, as they prevent people from interrupting colleagues’ workflow with annoying messages and notifications popping up at inconvenient times. Status Hero turns this concept into a useful productivity tool, allowing members to set statuses, including “available, busy, away” or “unavailable.” It also features check-ins, time zone detectors, blockers, project management updates, and even mood tracking to get a better sense of team members’ emotional state.  


Toggl is a time-tracking app that runs in the background while users work. Among its features are data visualizations, which help compare profits against time spent on jobs. It also has the cross-platform capability, working across just about every operating system and online, so it’s accessible wherever and whenever you need it.  


Slack essentially replaces email for keeping important conversations organized. Users can join or leave dialogue channels as needed, so no one gets messages irrelevant to them. Slack also offers instant messaging, file sharing, and voice and video calls.  

Microsoft Teams 

Using Microsoft Teams, you can keep people connected from wherever they’re located. Features include channels where you can belong a team or create your own, a calendar that syncs with your Outlook calendar, and the capability to call anyone, even if they aren’t using Microsoft Teams. 


This collaborative tool is geared toward design teams to help them progress more quickly from the concept stage. InVision provides prototyping so people can see what a final product will look like. It also offers integrated development, a seamless process where teams can work together, and projects can pass from one stage to another.  


Spark’s Smart Inbox automatically categorizes emails from every account and allows you to prioritize them easily. It gives users the option to schedule exactly when they want to send emails and allows remote team members to work on the same email at the same time.  

Amazon Chime  

Amazon Chime allows you to meet, chat and place calls inside and outside your company using a single app. Among its features are video meeting rosters and the ability to record meetings. Audio and video calling and screen sharing capabilities can be added using Amazon Chime SDK. 


Zoom offers a suite of video conferencing and communication tools designed for virtual conferences, webinars, and other business purposes. Its added features include voice calls, messaging, and file sharing.  

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