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#WeHeartTalentAcquistion – Free Resources for the Talent Acquisition Community

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#WeHeartTalentAcquistion and we are saddened to hear that some Talent Acquisition professionals have been laid off due to COVID-19. Many companies are focused on the retention of their employees throughout this unprecedented time. While some have increased hiring, overall, companies have had to make adjustments necessary to avoid layoffs and furloughs – unfortunately for some, this has been unavoidable.

At Search Wizards, we are proud to support clients that understand that their success is a result of their people and will continue to attract, engage and retain the talent they need. We are still hiring, but can’t place everyone as quickly as we would like and want to do more to help.

We are confident that recent and new federal directives to open the economy will provide a plan and fast track to putting people back to work. In advance of those directives being adopted, we want to provide our assistance to the Recruiting community and are offering the following initiatives:

1) Candidates and Employers:
We have created a LinkedIn group, and Facebook group for Talent Acquisition professionals and Employers to communicate their skills and opportunities.

2) Candidates (Talent Acquisition professionals):
We understand that if you are unexpectedly in the market, you are likely unprepared for “the search” and are offering the following:

• Resume review and guidance
• Social profile review and guidance
• Interview preparation
• Networking assistance
• Placement assistance

To take advantage of any of the above free resources, send us a note to

3) Employers:
We understand that you may have needs that you are unable to define or share. We are offering the following:

• Advisory (unsure what you need? we can help define the best solution)
• Job Description review and guidance
• Blind posting (have a confidential role to post? we will post it to our network and route applicants to you)

To take advantage of any of the above free resources, send us a note to

We continue to hire Talent Acquisition Professionals with our full range of services available to both candidates and clients. However, it is our hope that by offering these resources to the talent community we can help speed up the recovery to those companies and individuals that have been impacted by COVID-19.



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