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Effectively Creating Job Ads for the Modern Workforce

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Now more than ever, it’s critical to look to the future as you plan your hiring strategy. When it comes to advertising your open positions, a key up-and-coming market is Generation Z candidates – those born between 1997 and 2012.  

“What?!” you may ask. Most of these people are still in school!   

And you would be right. But like the time-tested saying goes: Be prepared because Gen Zers are on the verge of taking the job market by storm.     

Get to Know Generation Z  

Recent research shows that the keywords most frequently used by Gen Zers who are in the workforce to describe the leading pros of working for their companies include: flexible hours, food pay, free food, company discounts, and easy work. And their most in-demand job? Software engineer.    

It’s clear that this generation has grown up with technology – and that the less flattering label often applied to its members is that they are children of helicopter parents. In other words, they’re used to getting immediate attention and results, with much of what they’re seeking literally right at their fingertips.   

Tech Up Your Hiring Process  

Many Gen Zers had their first smartphone long before they could drive a car, vote, or purchase an adult beverage. They spend much of their time on social media, streaming videos, and online gaming. So, put these tools to good use in your recruitment strategy.  

  • Make sure your ATS is mobile optimized. Create videos to showcase your culture and perks.   
  • Explore technology that gives candidates more choice and control. Your hiring toolbox might include automated scheduling, AI-driven virtual hiring assistants, and on-demand interviews, to cite a few examples. And/or, consider AllyOText RecruitTextio, or Modern Hire 

Promote Your Brand via Social Media  

Your robust social media presence will point tech-savvy job seekers toward your company and its culture. Go beyond LinkedIn as you create and maintain company accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and other platforms.  

  • Encourage your current employees to use their social platforms to share open positions and the plusses of working for your company.  
  • Track which channels are working the best for you.  
  • Share relevant content, including articles, reviews, and videos. Participate in conversations and groups.  

Demonstrate Your Diversity  

Members of Generation Z want employers who genuinely care about them and their well-being. This includes an added emphasis on your company’s commitment to diversity.  

  • Feature diverse employees in all your HR and marketing tools, both on and offline.  
  • Address any bias in your hiring process to ensure you give every applicant an equal and fair chance.  
  • Focus on content marketing. For instance, describe benefits in language that affirms your diversity. Your definition of “spouse” should include same-gender partners. And, allow employees to take family and medical leave to care for domestic partners and their children, regardless of their biological status.  

Turn to Search Wizards 

As you build your industry-leading talent management team, turn to Search Wizards for customized solutions and surefire plans for success. Talent management is what we do – and we’ve built a recognized track record in the business since 2005. Save your team valuable time and resources, and let us do the sourcing and staffing legwork for you. Contact us today to learn more.  



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