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How You Can Become Successful in High-Growth Hiring

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As your company anticipates upcoming growth, you need to hire people with the future in mind. In other words, recruit and build your team based on where you want to be, not where you are – and be sure to put the right people in the right places within your organization.  

The secret to high-growth hiring success is proper planning. It’s like your staffing GPS: If you forge ahead without it, you’re probably going to get lost.  

Build a strategic growth plan.  

Your hiring plan should be more than just a spreadsheet of numbers and checklists. It should incite your leadership team to consider their long-term growth goals carefully. It will also serve as a reminder to them about company goals and how everyone can work together to achieve them, while right sizing as they do so.  

  • Set baselines and benchmarks. For instance, how many hours are currently allotted to doing a certain job? How might this change as growth continues? Analyze all relevant data so you can set accurate metrics for future needs and outcomes.  

Make your organizational chart dynamic.  

You probably have an organizational chart. If not, this is a great time to start one. And if so, it’s time to revisit it – and remember that it, like your overall plan, is a dynamic work in progress. Your organizational chart should allow you to visualize projected company growth and align your recruitment process with it.  

  • Add boxes to incorporate future hires. Also include related hire dates, salary projections, and whatever other data is helpful.  

Keep your job descriptions timely and compelling.  

Avoid cookie-cutter job description templates. Make each JD compelling and unique to the position, including both hard and soft skills. Create a set of expectations, not just boxes to be checked as candidates peruse this information.  

Consider personality tests for candidates.  

There are several tests available to help measure how well a candidate’s personality would match your company culture and correlate to their future performance. They can be customized to target specific behaviors. One example is the Caliper Profile 

Track new hire progress.  

Once a new hire is on board, you may want to use an employee tracker such as Desk Time or Time Camp to monitor their progress, including those crucial first few months of onboarding, training, and acclimation.  

Salute your current superstars.  

At the end of the day, your goal is to keep your customers satisfied. This includes your most important internal customers: your current high-performing employees.    

  • Working in a high-growth environment can be challenging and stressful. So make sure your team members have the resources they need and recognize and reward them for hitting targets or going the extra mile. Take care of them as they work with you through your growing pains.  

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