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Qualities of a Successful Recruiter: Time Management

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Is it your goal to be a busy recruiter – or a productive one?  

Hint: only one of these words is synonymous with being a successful recruiter. Hmm … got it now?   

Effective time management is critical to your productivity and, ultimately, to building your talent management career. So, how can you shift your focus from simply being busy to being consistently productive on the job?  

Don’t run away when you hear the words, “time management.”  

A typical recruiter’s day is non-stop: juggling applicants, candidates, hiring managers, emails, texts, phone screens, intake meetings, reports … the list goes on and on … and this chaos is part of what most successful talent management pros love. But, you still have to keep track of it all. Otherwise, you risk being in perpetual firefighting mode. And eventually, like a fire, you’ll either burn out or go up in flames.  

Enter the need for ongoing time management. It doesn’t have to be complex or high maintenance. That defeats the whole purpose, right? It’s simply a matter of finding the system that works for you. You can opt for the latest state-of-the-art tools or go to old school. As long as it works! Here are some ideas to get your time management wheels turning:  

  • Make lists. Use a paper and pen or a digital tool. Making lists helps you stay laser-focused on what needs to get done. And once you complete a task, cross it off. Boy, does that feel good!  
  • Add tasks to your calendar. Think about your to-do items. That client report will take, what, about two hours? Add it to your calendar, along with actual face-to-face appointments. You can even color-code; for instance, use red for highest-priority tasks that have hard deadlines, and yellow for those that are important, but whose time limits are not as carved in stone.   
  • Be realistic when blocking out time. If you underestimate one even one task, you could set yourself back for the day of the week. Experts recommend adding a floating 30-minute time block daily, to make up for unexpected lost time.  
  • Try a task management tool. You may prefer Microsoft One NoteAsanaTrello, or others. Make sure you choose the tool you’re most comfortable with and one you can access at all times and across all your devices.  
  • Take breaks. This advice may seem contradictory at first, but breaks are key to recharging, reorganizing, and reenergizing. If the mere thought of taking a lunch or coffee break has you rolling your eyes, then schedule those on your calendar, too. You deserve them, and you need them!  

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