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Job Search Tips That Will Help You Get Hired Faster

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Due to Covid-19, many recruiters have found themselves prematurely in the job market. However, as companies find a way to operate during this “new normal”, the recruiting industry is expected to gain traction within the coming months. With an increase in opportunities approaching at lightning speed, Search Wizards maintains our number 1 focus to shorten your length of time spent searching for your next career move.

In addition to providing you with the potential of working with one of our first-class clients, we’re here to review your resumes, prep you for interviews, and other services free of charge, to ensure that you land that dream assignment whether that is with one our clients or something you found on your own.

Here are a few tips to get you a few steps closer to your goals:

Utilize Social Media to your advantage.
Virtual networking is in! Look for local recruiting groups on LinkedIn and Facebook, jobs are posted here all the time and you can share with the group that you are in the market. No local group? Start one. Do research on popular recruiting hashtags, like #Recruiters, #Sourcers, #Hiring, #TAProfessionals, and start following them. These will lead you to job postings, articles, and social shares, so you will stay in the know.

Keep multiple versions of your resume.
We always recommend keeping a word version of your resume for, but did you know that keeping different versions to highlight your different skillsets is also advisable? For example, if you have been targeting either a Full lifecycle Recruiting or Recruiting Project Management role, you would want to keep a separate resume that highlights each skillset and your relative experience. That way, you will have a resume with little to no need to tailor to showcase your skills related to each role you are targeting.

Explain any gaps and short-term assignments on your resume.
Keep it short and sweet. Did you take a year off to finish your degree? Include it. Did you work a 2-month contract and complete it successfully? Include it and be specific about what you delivered on during that time. Make sure all time on your resume is accounted for.

Build a relationship with your recruiter that is based on trust and understanding.
As new roles begin to open in Talent Acquisition, they are filling quickly. We have recently seen roles open and successfully fill in a 24-hour window of time. Now more than ever, it is vital that you work with your recruiter to help them understand your skills and what you require in a position #pipelinesgetplaced. This gives you a head start when they receive an opening that will work for you – a quick call to confirm a few details and you are in front of the hiring manager! Working with a recruiter is a collaborative effort. Remain in regular contact with your recruiter, and do not be afraid to ask questions. Maintaining regular contact, prompt returning of phone calls and emails will keep you from missing out on opportunities. If your situation changes and your search shifts gears, communicate this with your recruiter. You never know when you may need them again.

Connect with Search Wizards.
Recruiters know better than anyone else how stressful the job search can be, so why not turn to your own kind for some help? Search Wizards knows Talent Acquisition, and we have the track record to prove it. Let us help you find the ideal opportunity by connecting with us today!



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