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Sales and Business Development Skills are Essential Right Now

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As the world emerges from the devastation of the COVID-19 pandemic … well, nobody knows exactly what the global business picture will look like.

What is certain is that as a recruiter, you’ll need to lead with greater compassion and understanding than ever before, assessing client needs and finding a way to meet them in any way possible. Your sales and business development skills will be more critical than ever before. Budgets will be squeezed to extremes, and as a result, competition for roles and talent is likely to be fierce.

Now is the time to invest in building the hard and soft skills you will need for this brave new future.

Essential traits as you develop this business growth mindset include:

· Communication: From meeting and establishing new contacts in sharing information and ideas, communication skills are essential. You need to be able to speak and write clearly, as well as listen with an empathic and open mind so that you can address others’ needs and concerns.

· Collaboration: Simply but accurately defined, this means working successfully with someone else – or a team of someone else’s – to produce desired results. Effective collaboration requires a cooperative spirit and mutual respect, so in developing this quality, you need to learn to build trust. Other parameters of collaboration include a commitment to problem-solving, acceptance of the strengths and weaknesses of others, taking responsibility for your mistakes, and giving credit where it is due.

· Negotiation: This is all about finding common ground with others. It means you need to master prioritization, understanding, and a tactful and genuine demeanor. Also, think “persuasion” and “discernment.” Learn the ins and outs of all these qualities, even if they are not second nature to you.

· Strategic skills: Strategy is at the very core of successful sales and business development. It all comes down to being able to accurately plan and predict issues that may crop up, down the road. If you want strategic planning to be your superpower, focus on rational thinking and research skills so you can understand different situations in depth.

· Project management: This encompasses the ability to set the right goals, establish timelines, manage risk, create and stick to budgets, delegate tasks, and lead teams. Think Six Sigma, as well as learning to build mission statements, identify objectives, and estimate costs.

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