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How to Adapt to the Hybrid Workforce

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Artificial intelligence is here to stay. It helps companies streamline operations, modernize their workforces, and eliminate monotonous, unappealing job functions. But with its growth comes trepidation, primarily driven by people’s misconceptions about AI and its impact.  

The most common concern among human employees is that automation will replace them and render their jobs obsolete. In reality, technology is nothing without humans. Instead of replacing them, AI can strengthen their positions and allow your business to get the most out of its workforce. It allows human employees to be more productive in roles they find more engaging and satisfying.  

  • According to a 2019 report from the McKinsey Global Institute, AI will create nearly as many jobs as it phases out – and they will be high-value jobs, which generally are much more rewarding than any that automation might assume.  

How to Take the Lead  

The beauty of the hybrid workforce is that it can relieve employees of repetitive, routine tasks – like completing forms and approving standard workflows – that eat up time they could be spending on more important activities. As you prepare your organization for a seamless transition into this new world, here are some tips to make it a seamless and successful process:  

Determine which functions can be automated 

Identify new and existing tasks that could be improved by dedicating more human capital to them. Then, take their routine duties and hand them over to AI. Where can you most effectively create the best balance between human and digital colleagues?  

Gain the support of your human employees  

Relieve their fears and erase their dread of machines “taking over” their jobs. A hybrid workforce is only successful when human workers embrace the concept. Help people understand the benefits: how much more value-added work they can accomplish with the assistance of AI partners.  

Pilot AI in the right areas 

Departments like IT or customer service are a few that are particularly well suited. AI can be launched at the front end, for instance, addressing client questions and automatically processing routine issues. For those that require greater assistance, AI becomes a whisper agent, providing key details to human staff and escalating requests to people who can step in and solve problems.  

Be transparent in your communication 

When you introduce AI, clearly let both employees and customers know what to expect. This includes all process steps; for example, in a call center, human employees need to know when to take over from an AI agent and what information they will receive.  

Upskill your team members  

After you pinpoint roles where too much time is spent on routine processes, upskill employees in those areas so they can handle more complex functions. Focus people’s efforts on more revenue-generating and rewarding work – designing new projects, innovating new products, and working first-hand with the latest AI developments to enhance employee and customer experiences continuously.  

Partner with Search Wizards 

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