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Lessons College Football Can Teach Recruiters

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When autumn rolls around, thoughts naturally turn to football – even in a year like 2020, when sports and virtually everything else in life has been thrown asunder. That’s why sports are categorized into seasons – and it’s right around now that fans’ minds turn to the gridiron.

As a recruiter, you can draw many parallels to being a college coach, responsible for sourcing and retaining the best team possible for the upcoming season and the long-term future of your program.

Here are a few valuable lessons to be learned, which apply to recruiters for companies and collegiate teams:

To be competitive, you need to put the best offer on the table.

Sports = competition. The two are virtually synonymous. And the same is true when it comes to recruiting new employees. They can “play” for you, or your competition can sweep them away. Which will it be?

  • Offer that promising young fullback a full scholarship, a new car, the best dorm room on campus, and, if necessary, to seal the deal, the chance to fly home and visit his Mom on her birthday. Offer comparable perks to the most in-demand talent. It may seem extravagant, but the return on your investment will be well worth it. That millennial who’s a rock star web developer, but hates Mondays? Work out a four-day schedule. That awesome marketing pro who’s a single parent, balancing her kids’ lives with her own? Let her work remotely. You get it.

It’s all about the right fit at the right time.

Building the right team and successful business recruiting are about making the right choices for today and the future. Create the best-case scenario by strengthening your bench. This way, if your star player pulls his hamstring midway through the fourth quarter with the score tied, you can bring someone else in without missing a beat. Sure, it’s not your marquee player. But it is someone you’ve groomed to fill that role, should the need arise.

It takes a team – and not just on the field.

Hey, coach … rather, recruiter! Finding talent is your job, but you are not alone. The best recruitment and hiring decisions are made after careful consideration and consultation with a team of people, all of whom have a vested interest in your recruit’s success. Ara Parseghian didn’t go it alone!

  • Involve managers and employees from various departments, with various perspectives, in your final candidate selection process. Even if your company is small, build a panel that could also include vendors, industry experts and/or other business owners. You don’t have to – and shouldn’t – make hiring decisions in a vacuum.

Build Your Team

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