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How to Shift Your Recruiting Strategy for an Employer-Driven Market

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In 2020, the tide has turned in the job market as it has in virtually all aspects of life. Just as you never imagined having to wear a mask every time you left home, you probably started the year off thinking, “Hah! Candidates rule when it comes to the recruitment scene!” But all that changed overnight when COVID-19 reared its ugly head.

  • There’s a new normal in the job market. With unemployment skyrocketing, a seismic shift has occurred from a candidate-driven to an employer-driven scenario. Against a backdrop of mass layoffs and general economic uncertainty, there are now more qualified candidates than available job openings. If your team wants to keep the good talent they are hiring during this time; they need to stick within their normal compensation ranges.
  • Many Employers and recruiters have had to adjust to 100% virtual recruiting. Quarantines and related coronavirus restrictions put face-to-face interviewing on complete hold for a while – and depending on specific circumstances, meeting in person still isn’t happening in many cases.

Change Your Tactics

What worked in a candidate-driven market simply won’t hold water in an employer-driven market. Companies and recruiters have the upper hand. That’s good for them, yet it poses its own set of challenges – beginning with tsunamis of resumes as those forced out of work by the pandemic vie for open positions. A few tactics to kick into high gear include:

  • Strengthening job ads: With job boards and other channels jam-packed with applicants, recruiters need to cut down on the number of candidates vying for their attention, shortlisting down to the cream of the crop. A good starting point is fine-tuning job descriptions and ads, so they speak directly to top talent. For instance, it may be advisable to test content for effectiveness by creating two different ads for the same role and then tracking the results.
  • Optimizing the use of video interviewing: This technique can greatly streamline recruiting efforts in an employer-driven market. Candidates can be submitted via pre-recorded video clips, enabling multiple people within an organization to view them as a final hiring decision is reached. Added advantages: The need for follow-up interviews can often be eliminated, and viewers can observe candidate body language, which can be very telling.

Pivot Your Recruiting Strategy with Search Wizards

If you need other ideas to pivot your recruiting strategy for today’s climate, turn to the experts at Search Wizards. We can work our magic as you adapt to whatever the market throws at you. Our experience and network cover all industries with the sole function of talent acquisition. Give us a shout today to learn more.



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