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Take These 2020 Lessons to Enhance Your Career in 2021

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Besides the quickest way to change your outfit from the waist up for your next Zoom meeting, what lessons have you learned in 2020 to build your career in the New Year?

Your first reaction to this question might be, “Say what, now?” Is there anything from 2020 that you want to keep? But when you think about it, times of change and challenge can be the best ones for life lessons, both personally and professionally. For instance:

Avoid stagnation.

2020 has been many things, but stagnant is not one of them. Okay, if you’ve spent countless hours at home binge-watching old movies, you may feel a little bit stuck. But the positive takeaway here relates to the bigger, long-term picture: Never become too comfortable with your work or your life.

  • Be a continuous learner. Always strive for the next innovative project or stretch goal. You may just emerge from this year having mastered more than how to use all the buttons on the remote.
  • Use your spare time to learn a new skill. For instance, sign up for an online course or certification.
  • View every misstep as another learning opportunity. Remember, everyone makes mistakes. You’ll feel better knowing you gave something your best shot, regardless of the outcome. This applies whether you’re learning a new software program or how to hold a tree pose.

Stay in touch with people.

Network virtually if you can’t do so in person. Each relationship you build adds depth and an element of support to whatever goals you’re working on. Though there is much you can accomplish working alone, the greatest achievements stem from collaborating with friends, family members, and colleagues.

  • Be open to the ideas and opinions of others. Ask questions and listen actively to the answers. And as people help you, flip the coin and use your strengths to their benefit.
  • Socialize. No, online meetings do not count. Schedule a Zoom Happy Hour, coffee klatch, or Scattergories game. And think how awesome it will be when the pandemic passes, and you can actually hang out at Starbucks or your neighborhood watering hole.

Stop procrastinating.

It feels good, but only for about a minute. Then, putting off that undesirable task or tedious assignment comes back to haunt you like the Ghost of Christmas Present.

  • Commit to keep working until the job is done, even if your regular schedule has gone out the window. Make a daily to-do list – not only in your mind but also on paper or your desktop. Put the worst, most dreaded jobs at the top and when you complete them, cross them off. The more you resist the urge to procrastinate, the easier it gets.

Enhance Your Career in the New Year

Will your career enhancement in 2020, be a new opportunity in the recruitment or talent management field? If your heart and head say yes or just want to improve in your current role, start a conversation with the Search Wizards team. We can help ensure that it’s more than just another empty resolution. We’re waiting to hear from you … so don’t procrastinate!



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