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4 Tips for Finding the Best Candidates While Recruiting Remotely

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Even before COVID-19, 4.7 million Americans were working from home. And after coronavirus was declared a pandemic, 88 percent of organizations worldwide made it mandatory or encouraged remote working. 

When you’re recruiting for remote workers, the end goals are the same: to hire the best, most qualified person for the job and to make a spot-on cultural fit. But you may need to adjust the specific tactics you use. 

  • Advantage: Remote workers are often more productive, and they require less overhead. Plus, you can expand your search for ace talent to give it a truly global reach. 
  • Disadvantage: Even the most highly-skilled employees who would thrive in an office environment may not have the interest, ability, or motivation to stay on track when working remotely. 

Here are four tips to make remote recruiting more successful. Hint: They will sound familiar, but note the subtle changes that apply here:

1. Look for the right skills and qualities. 

Most people jump at the chance to work remotely – but it’s not for everyone. Consider which skills and traits you need to look for in a successful candidate, then highlight them in your job description and ads, and use them to assess every applicant. These will likely include: 

  • Being an independent self-starter. 
  • Motivation and drive. 
  • Strong organizational and time management skills. 
  • Ingenuity and the ability to solve problems with minimal outside assistance. 
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Technical savvy.

2. Create the right candidate experience.

Provide a candidate with a welcoming atmosphere while you evaluate and interview them. If possible, have them come to your company office for an in-person meeting. If not, use video conferencing. This enables you to assess eye contact, mannerisms, and body language. 

  • Consider offering a virtual worksite tour in real-time. Introduce candidates to their potential future coworkers and give them a taste of company culture. Keep things relaxed, so applicants open up to you naturally and respond more honestly. 

3. Ask the right questions.

Take behavioral interview questions a step further as you keep coming back to your required candidate traits.  

  • Include questions that give you insight into their level of self-direction and organizational strengths. 
  • Ask for specific scenarios where they have worked independently. 
  • Inquire about technology and tools they have used to work remotely, such as project management or file sharing. 
  • Ask how they plan to handle any interruptions or distractions that occur while working from home. 


4. Consider a probationary period.

This will allow you to see how a person works remotely and adjust to their new role. A probationary period can be anywhere from a week to six months or more – whatever makes the most sense for your company and the position. 

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