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7 Browser Extensions that Can Make Every Recruiter’s Job Easier

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Everyone hearts browsers – and more and more, browser extensions as well. These life-saving plug-ins perform various filters and controls to customize your browsing experience and functionality. There are a lot of extensions to choose from, but here are seven that can prove uber-effective for those in the recruiting and talent management industry: 


1. Mighty Sourcer 

Brought to you by Mighty Recruiter, Mighty Sourcer can help you to easily find candidates’ contact information and add their profiles to your recruiting software in seconds. This not only cuts search time, but also helps you to connect with passive talent more readily. It’s also the only Chrome extension that allows you to immediately invite candidates to apply for a specific job through a customizable email message. 


2. Accompany for Gmail

This free extension helps you figure out who’s in your inbox, so you have all the intel you need to craft the perfect reply. It saves you time and effort by aggregating information on your Gmail contacts and delivering candidate profiles directly to you. You also get meeting reminders, links to past correspondence, and a handy notepad. 


3. Hiretual 

Hiretual is a candidate data engine that enables you to source across more than 750 thousand profiles, as well as actively recover any you may have lost in your ATS. A unique perk is its profile analytics feature, which showcases candidates’ seniority levels, peer ranking, availability, and appropriate compensation ranges. 


4. Ultidash 

Although not exclusive to recruiting use, Ultidash offers a top-notch productivity dashboard so you can perfect processes for yourself and your team. There’s a customized to-do list, a timer, a site blocker, and a time tracker that measures all your online behavior. 


5. Streak 

Streak offers customer relationship management built right into your Gmail. A free plan includes a basic CRM feature to manage candidate interactions, store resumes and notes, and track applicant process in the hiring process. A paid plan enables you to manage everything straight from your inbox. 


6. Clearbit Connect 

This extension provides a host of information regarding anyone in your Gmail inbox: job titles, locations, company names, financial details, and more. It also includes employee email addresses for almost any company in the world. You simply type in a domain, along with a person’s name or role, and it delivers a list of contacts. 


7. Last Pass 

Last Pass offers effortless security as its saves all your login user names and passwords in one searchable vault, safeguarded by encryption. It helps you generate stronger passwords, simplifies online shopping, stores digital records, and safely and easily share passwords and notes. Plus, you can stop worrying about data breaches, as Last Pass provides robust dark web monitoring. 


Optimize Your Recruitment Career with Search Wizards 

Browser extensions are just one example of the tools you need to optimize your recruitment career. If reaching new professional heights is your goal in 2021, consider partnering with Search Wizards. We represent only recruiters and sourcing talent, so we have a vast bank of industry-specific resources, clients, and contacts to help turn your goals and passions into results and reality. Contact us today to learn more. 



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