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Where Gen Z Wants to Work, What They Expect, and How That Impacts Recruiting

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When it comes to the career preferences of Generation Z job seekers, the jury is still out as this newest demographic emerges as a force to be reckoned with in the global workforce.  

Stability? Yes, please. Flexible work hours? Probably …? 

Born between 1997 and 2012, many Gen Z’ers experienced the economic crash that began in 2008 firsthand, as they saw their parents and others lose jobs, homes, and/or 401(k) or retirement plans. So, it’s not surprising that, even before the Covid-19 pandemic hit, they were already pegged as candidates seeking not only jobs, but also stability.   

  • In a 2019 Glassdoor survey, the top pros of working for an employer listed by Gen Z candidates were flexible hours and good pay.  
  • But other expert findings paint a different picture. As reported by Forbes, this is the first generation to grow up with their digitally connected parents always working: answering texts and emails at all hours and conferencing into meetings even during their so-called free time. This may very well change the overall perception of Gen Z’ers: is flex work really as awesome as it sounds?! 

Don’t stereotype Gen Z.  

As has always been the case, it’s critically important to get to know each candidate you’re considering as a unique individual. Simply put, too much has been going on in the world – and it’s more critical than ever to not only think outside boxes, but implode them entirely. Although … don’t disregard certain research findings that can help guide you down the right path as you compete for top Gen Z talent. For instance: 

  • Glassdoor found that software engineer was the most in-demand job sought by Gen Z candidates, followed by a software developer. After the tech industry, business services, finance, and retail followed in terms of where Gen Z’ers wanted to work.  
  • If you were wondering about the leading workplace pros cited by Gen Z candidates in Glassdoor’s search, here’s your answer: good pay (well, duh, given the pros), but also: free food, company discounts, and easy work. 

Get ready for Gen Z. Because they’re here. 

As you draw your own conclusions about how to proceed with each Gen Z candidate, keep this critical point in mind: Deep dive, ask behavioral questions, and determine what each of your most desired applicants wants and needs.  

A few more notes on Gen Z candidate expectations: 

  • Gen Z members tend to have an entrepreneurial mindset and be tech-savvy. Issues cited as important to them include sustainability, diversity, and inclusion. 
  • Gen Z is the first generation to enter the world with a digital footprint created by someone other than themselves. As great as that may be on some levels, it also may leave them seeking a more social aspect from going to work. Couple this with the long pandemic lockdown, and they may likely be person-to-person craving contact at this point. 

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