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How to Support Your Remote Employees Juggling Work and Summer Break with Their Kids

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Life is returning to normal after the COVID-19 lockdown. But at the same time, it’s summer. So regardless of whether your employees’ children went back to school or not, there’s a good chance they’re home now. And on top of it all, it looks like the new standard will look pretty different – with more people working from home and juggling child-care responsibilities with their jobs permanently.

  • According to one recent study, the percentage of remote full-time employees after the coronavirus pandemic will be three times what it was before.

The good news: Despite the fact that remote work has created new challenges, especially during the summer, there are creative solutions to keep your business running and your employees on task, engaged, and free from the stress and anxiety that work-life balance can inevitably cause.

Manage Zoom fatigue.

After months and months of remote conferencing, it may be time to rethink things a bit. Zoom fatigue is real – and people have enough on their plates without having to deal with its effect.

  • Would a phone call be more effective? Or, how about a video call? Try to keep each one to a half-hour if possible, and set a hard ending time to allow people to transition to other meetings, appointments, or commitments.

Flexibility is more important now than ever.

As a leadership team, agree – if you haven’t already – on objectives that are met with the emphasis on outcomes, versus a regular work schedule.

  • Remote employees may have to work odd hours. Make sure they don’t fall into the “always on” trap. Remind employees about this, and assist them in balancing downtime with worktime. Downtime restores motivation and energy, and builds physical and emotional well-being.

Get creative with benefits.

An investment in extra benefits during summer break can pay off in spades. Consider resources such as virtual tutors to keep kids engaged while their parents are working.

  • Year-round, provide all the tools your team members need to work effectively from home, including hardware, software, communication, and project management options.

Check in regularly.

Reach out to those working from home as they address their day-to-day challenges. They may feel isolated or disconnected. Remind them of leave policies, your EAP, and other resources that may prove helpful.

Get help from the pros.

When you partner with Search Wizards, you become part of our team regarding best-practice solutions for managing your workforce year-round, including remote work challenges. Our consultants can help define the unique needs of your team members, be the buffer as you communicate with them about it, and continue to maintain your organization as a great place to work, regardless of what tomorrow brings. We’re just a phone call or a click away, so reach out to us today to learn more.



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