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7 Skills Hiring Managers Look For in Non-Technical Recruiters

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Recruiting is a highly competitive and fast-paced business. As you zero in on sourcing non-technical recruiters, here are seven important skills to keep in mind: 

1. Communications 

Whether it’s in person, in writing, or via email, text, or social media, recruiters need to be capable of conveying clear, accurate, straightforward messages. This includes well-honed listening skills – the ability to fully grasp what client and candidates’ needs are at all times. Effective active listening incorporates body language, a.k.a. nonverbal, and verbal, interpretation to understand what people are feeling at any given time. 

2. Sales and Marketing 

Regardless of the specific industry sector in which they work, recruiters need to sell positions to candidates and sell candidates to employers and hiring managers. And ultimately, they need to convince and assist job seekers in accepting the right offer.  

3. Relationship Building 

For recruiters, it’s important to be able to connect candidates with career opportunities and cultivate relationships with them – as well as with clients – by establishing trust. It helps if a non-technical recruiter is an expert in a specific industry, making it easier to foster such relationships. 

4. Multitasking 

Being an effective multitasker means juggling numerous responsibilities at once, without dropping any balls. It also means prioritizing, in order to make it all work. It’s critical to organize and remember the details of various tasks and commitments and pivot from one to another, often on a dime. 

5. Time Management 

Time management goes hand-in-hand with multitasking. It means being consistently on time for meetings, appointments, and other commitments and, at the same time, delivering on promises. A recruiter needs to be fast to place candidates and satisfy clients before a competitor beats them out. 

6. Information Technology 

There are always new methods of automation, artificial intelligence, and other IT techniques available to give recruiters a competitive edge. For instance, an algorithm can provide useful metrics and analytics. This data can be used to make more accurate hiring predictions. Don’t deceive yourself: If you’re in the recruitment business, you are in the data business. 

7. Social Media Savvy 

Social media skills are crucial to networking. Various platforms can be used to source both active and passive candidates and stay on top of it all. 

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