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How to Optimize Your Job Descriptions to be More Enticing and Attract Top Talent

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Job descriptions. It goes without saying that they’re critical, arguably your most critical tool, as you attract top talent. As the starting point in your recruitment process, your job descriptions need to be effective, engaging, and inclusive. Otherwise, things can go south pretty quickly, as candidates become bored or turned off by your opportunity. 

  • The best job descriptions combine the unique and enticing high points of a role with the required skills and competencies, and a clear look at your company’s culture, mission, and values. And, to attract a diverse candidate pool, you need to make sure you don’t alienate anyone, including women, people of color, those with special needs, or members of the LGBTQ+ community. 

For starters: be creative, but also be sure your job title is clear. 

Fun and even slightly weird titles can help make your job stand out, but don’t get so esoteric that you risk losing candidates who may be searching for the same position under a more commonly-used title; for instance, “developer” versus “guru.” You can always work this verbiage in later if it fits your culture and vibe, but be careful not to confuse anyone right upfront. Remember, your job has to be found, and keywords are … well … key. 

Paint a compelling picture of all that’s great about the job. 

In about one to four sentences, provide an engaging overview of your job, including: 

  • A description of its major function. 
  • How it contributes to larger company objectives. 
  • Why it’s important, not only to your company but also to society as a whole. How does it make people’s lives better or solve existing business or social problems? 

Focus on a candidate’s growth and development. 

Explain how the job drives business results, emphasizing the potential for advancement and how an employee’s contributions contribute to this. You want applicants to be excited about the opportunity. Describe what your company is doing within the larger industry, and how the role and their skills and knowledge will further their growth and development. 

Culture is everything. 

Eventually, it will all come back to whether or not a candidate feels a job will be the right fit for them. A lack of cultural fit is a recipe for high turnover, so it’s imperative to get this right. A good place to start is by highlighting your unique benefits and perks, such as an on-site gym or daycare, flexible scheduling, and remote work options. 

Bust bias. 

Biased language in a job description can deter highly-qualified individuals from applying, as it lowers their expected sense of fitting in, even if this happens subconsciously.  

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