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The Top Signs of a Great Candidate Based on their LinkedIn Profile

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Were you aware that approximately 4 million workers left their companies in April of this year – and up to 95 percent of employees considered doing so – as part of what is now being referred to as “The Great Resignation?”

While these statistics are staggering, look at this trend as an opportunity to pinpoint exceptional candidates. This includes passive job seekers, who may be more inclined to sit up and take notice of what’s out there. And LinkedIn remains an excellent place to start.

Here’s What You’re Looking For

Elements to pay close attention to when evaluating a candidate’s LinkedIn profile include:

Numerous endorsements:

This shows that others have actively referred a person by acknowledging their strengths in specific skills. Users don’t usually get endorsements unless they have truly earned them.

Regular updates:

Regular LinkedIn activity shows an interest in networking and career development. These are the candidates who are more likely to be receptive to new opportunities – and the kind of people you want to hire.

An insightful professional summary:

When searching for the right talent, you want to know what an individual is passionate about and what they’ve done to get where they are.

Community engagement and volunteerism:

Candidates who are engaged in bettering their communities are invested in others, not only in themselves. This also demonstrates time management and, often, leadership skills.

Short, impactful headlines:

A candidate who has taken the time to create strong profile headlines has thought about what they do and what prospective employers are looking for.

Accomplishments supported by data:

Seek out candidates who have listed revenues they’ve secured, numbers of team members they’ve managed, campaign traffic they’ve generated, and other tangible proof of success achieved and results delivered. Also, look for links to candidate portfolios.

And Here’s How to Find It

How do you single out the best talent based on their LinkedIn profile? Here are some tips.

Search with keywords.

For starters, keywords might refer to job titles, locations, or levels of education. Another strong tactic is the names of respected employers with similar job titles to those of your open positions.

Keywords work both ways.

Just as you search for talent using keywords, candidates use them to find you or your company. So, incorporate them into your LinkedIn page, along with employee profiles that candidates can relate to. Refer to job titles and include industry-specific details like areas of expertise, products and services, and different worksite locations. And, utilize LinkedIn’s Share That You’re Hiring and People Also Viewed features.

Use the Advanced search function, specifically, the People tab.

This will give you access to parameters that yield more relevant search results. With a clear set of primary job requirements, you can enter details for your search for great candidates. Once this is done, LinkedIn should return a list of prospects that meet your needs.

Find Your Next Great Candidate

At Search Wizards, we do more than just find you a job in the recruiting business. We can become your long-term partner as you build your talent management career. Contact us today to talk about your goals and interests and start painting the picture of your successful future.



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